First Step - K-j's 5 emotions (album cover)

K-j – Light (feat. Hyera)

In Translated Lyrics by heardusk

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  • Title: Light
  • Artists: K-j, Hyera
  • Album: First Step K-j's 5 Emotions
  • Year: 2013
  • Original lyrics

Verse 1)
First, the blood field I saw when I opened my eyes
trapped in the darkness of my 10-pyeong room
There was no place to reach my hand out to, I also didn’t want to
The crappy memories of my young days that only had uneasiness and dissatisfaction,

to whitewash it: good memories
I was obsessed and became accustomed to it
But first love, without notice you approach me
A girl like you hits my heart, you taught me

What’s love, what’s up
Why did you come only now? I’ve been waiting for you
I walked on the trail on thornbushes because of you everyday
Scared every night? I’ll go to meet you in your dreams (Yes!)

I went all in for you as if I’m a gambler
I’m always wandering around you as if it’s my hobby
I’m a hustler hustler, for your sake, you who is my person
Just know this, I’m by your side!

You can feel my heart to know what’s going on [in] my mind
I’ve been waiting just for the moment I meet you because you are my light
We’ll know, we’ll know, I just have to do it
Trust in me once, girl, there’s nothing for you to regret, only look forward and run, you & I

Verse 2)
What do you want girl?  Do you want a soft [guy] or do you want a tough [guy]?
I’m ready to change to whatever you want, no I’ve already become that guy
Where is that type of guy? Why are you asking, I’m here

I’ve never written love songs, to keep the promise of writing one properly, I come back and one day,
come back, and one day I’ll gain money flow and the future that’s not so far away (Yeah, trust me!)

Just stay right with me I’m having an idle mind these days, hold me close and just stay right with me
If you wait for me just a little longer, I’ll show you who I am
Whoever bullies you tell me baby, no matter what
I won’t stand it,

no matter what happens, I’ll make them kneel to you
There are still a lot of things I have to show you, I’m full of surprises
Who will you trust in and follow? So easy, just believe in and follow me
And after that, look at our future


Verse 3)
When it’s hard, lean on me, when it’s cold I can just hug you
In my future & your future
Do you want pasta? Then let’s go to Italy 1)This line and the following two lines are similar to a part of Dok2’s lyrics in Come Closer/Flow2Nite (feat. Rado & The Quiett): “You want to see the sea, then we go to Hawaii. Or you want pasta, then we go to Italy, I’ll take yo”.
What?! You want fish? Then pack your luggage right now,
let’s go to Hawaii, Check the beach

The thing I want from you is just one thing!
You gotta show your smile
It’s gonna be my pride, when I see you at that moment
you ease up my feelings that have been uneasy till now

Because of the light of joy shining on your face
I now think I can finally breathe a bit
We have a far longer way to go than we have come
Like now, as you can see, we will withstand it

I’ll promise now come [in]to my arms
I’ll hide you from the evil world
Now come [in]to my arms
I’ll steal you from the dirty world’s hands 2)Wordplay with 속 and 손. In two lines above he uses ‘속’ (sok) which means the interior; inside; heart of something, while ‘손’ (son)  means ‘hands’.

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