Iron - Ixtape cover

Iron – No Brake (feat. Marvel.J, Supreme Boi)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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I get on swiftly with the drum beat
2014, I go up higher
I’ve came to remove the brake’s wires
We’ll ram into everything, Daenamhyup & Iron

Verse 1)
I see your expression clearly
A classic you couldn’t expect
Because of a guy you’ve never seen or heard of,
your plan gets ruined. That makes you angry, right? (Dame)1)だめ (dame) is Japanese for “no” or, in this context, “You shouldn’t.”

You have fun amongst yourselves
Steam is rising amongst us
We take care of you guys beforehand
and leap off to 1st place already

Bitch, I’m gonna make your knees hit th-the ground
A smooth style like my smooth rap
No connections, shout “Fuck [the] underground!”
I abandoned the stupid short cuts and chose my pride

Why do you only copy others?
Can’t you do things according to your thoughts?
You feel fucked now that you’re personally
hearing that a rap like this is possible, right?

If I kept on the same it wouldn’t be interesting,
so I’ll change it
Iron is a truck whose brake and handle are both broken2)It’s the famous truck again but he changed it (see previous line) to both brake and handle are broken (there were trucks with broken brakes and others with broken handles but never trucks with both of them broken, as far as I know).
I’ll dash ahead without stopping

My rap opens like a new mental institution
Because of this mixtape, your fans all throw you up
Because of the new monster MC who sends the have-been rappers away
The sentence that will be plastered all over your best comments: “You’re nothing compared to Iron”

Verse 2: Marvel.J)
I see your expression clearly
A Daenamhyup mixtape, we told ya
We suppress everyone in just two days
and spit a 100 degrees hot spark on the feet of smartasses

They say one for the money,
two for the money, three for the money
What will you do when you grow up? In the case of retards, only their body grew
They put nothing in their nut, in short: they’re fucking blockheads

My motto is “Do better, do hotter”
I move and act the way I feel like
With my brothers, I cause a big uproar,
you guys get back

Being acknowledged by someone needs responsibility too
Ah, I’m telling you to do it properly, what’s important here is
from ghetto, an honest attitude
Free thoughts and a free life make you even happier

Verse 3: Supreme Boi)
After The 1st Meeting, I got a storm of love calls3)The 1st Meeting (제 1차 회동) is the title of their crew DNH’s mixtape.
I rapped on my own beats, and it go by the boom
About three EPs from our crew members will come out now
Daenamhyup keeps going up without even a brake pedal

As you know, we have many enemies too
and I know that you are biased
Honestly, I often was frustrated with myself
If I said I was living an easy life, that would be a lie

But fuck you, we’ll make it in the end
We stand beside lots of rookies
24-hours hustle, we don’t need a brake
Daenamhyup, we go down in Korean hip hop [history]

Damn, I spit for my homies and the bros that share their breath with me
Even though it seems as if I live recklessly, I do stick to what I have to stick to in my own way
I do my thang, fuck mellow music, now this is my shit
In a few years, we will do our own thing in our independent domain

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