Evo - Beautiful Mind cover

Evo – Ups and Downs (feat. Pinodyne)

In Translated Lyrics by heardusk

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  • Title: Ups and Downs
  • Artists: Evo, Huckleberry P, Pinodyne, Soulfish
  • Album: Beautiful Mind
  • Year: 2014
  • Original lyrics


Verse 1)
I want for my joy to reach you
and I want your life to become even better
With his lines, Huck P expresses my feelings better than anyone
Even if I die tomorrow, I tell my story today, yeah

There’s no work I haven’t tried, from winter to summer
I sweated a lot in summer and shivered in winter
Sometimes when I got off work, I had tears in my eyes
Huh, I couldn’t handle the pressure of society, it strangled me, huh

I endured it and sometimes I even abandoned my pride
I also held back on evil [things] and fights which accumulated in my heart
Doing so, when I opened my eyes, I was walking the path towards the arch of triumph,
yeah, to the road of victory

Rapping, singing, and producing, now I don’t starve
Sitting next to Palo in the car, we cruising
I persistently survive, I’ll never die1)Probable reference to Hi-Lite Records’ ‘살아남아’
Show your dream and never stop

One time for my girl, one time for my homies
One time for my fans, one time for my family
For your sake
I’ll be by your side always, I’ll be there

Sing “Oh oh,” clap
Baby oh oh, lift your head
I’ll be by your side [during] your ups and downs
Don’t worry, I’ll be around

Verse 2)
Sitting at the piano for my satisfaction
Now I write this music to raise you up
This is my story, the opportunity to forget yesterday’s failures
and to make you anticipate today

Don’t stop as much as you are eager
Dedicate your life and don’t stop your actions
Clap your hands with a thump, yeah just just clap for it
This ain’t a metaphor, hands up clap for it

Sometimes you separate, and sometimes you overcome,
and sometimes when you break down with no strength to wipe your tears
you just don’t think of it like stars and the moon
Remember that you’re also a child of god

Raise your head ‘cause you are beautiful
Your looks and your mind, heart and soul
Don’t stop, clap, yeah just clap for it
Said it before, this ain’t a metaphor, clap for it


Verse 3: Huckleberry P)
We keep putting our brains to work
in order to make music that gives you comfort
when you sometimes feel like
your whole future has been taken away by someone

Since I’m human too, I feel emptiness and loneliness
when I sometimes feel like putting everything down
However, every time that happens, I take heart again
because I want to become the proof of your conviction

I have experienced borrowing the strength of music before
So for you to feel that when you listen to my music
is the reason why I make music
I’m not a doctor but I treat your heart’s illness

If you feel like education and media are in the way of your happiness,
I hope you will listen to my songs
I’m still not interested in their fight for making money
I want something different, Pinodyne in the house, what


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