Drunken Tiger - Sky Is The Limit (album cover)

Drunken Tiger – Die Legend (Feat. Double K, Dok2)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Verse 1: Dok2)
28th March 1990, that’s the start of history
Quarter Spanish, Filipino, half Korean-blooded little Mr Lee
Yes, from this moment on I am already undeniably
A microphone soloist, my destiny

Here I will be buried and spill blood
You always laugh as if you were dumbfounded and
Try to break my spirits, but I will find my way, Imma walk my way, son
I’m the one, I clench my teeth even tighter each day

Blood boiling like volcano, rock the land
So get out the way, you better watch your back, foes
Yeah y’all, I am Dok2, the Gonzo, got no dough
But, never, I don’t fuck with no normal shit

I always keep my attitude
I know there is no job for me if I am stubborn
And stick to it but I don’t give a fuck
Even if my heart is in pain as if it was being torn apart, I don’t care1)This last part is ambiguous, it can also mean “there’s no job for me,” referring to the second to last line above.

I’ve emptied my mind, although it will take time
Leave me off that common way everyone is walking
Imma be a legend, live legend, die legend, up in heaven
Havin’ a written freestyle battle with BIG L

Imma die legend, Dok2
Imma die legend, Double K
Imma die legend, Tiger JK

Verse 2: Double K)
Seoul City, it’s two Double 0 7
This is the heaven of those dominated by envy and jealousy
Inside, they all dearly wish for me to fail
But my peeps love my rap like Winning Eleven2)Korean name of Pro Evolution Soccer

Before I know it, I’ve already been riding the rhythm for ten years
Still a playa, haters curse me behind my back
You don’t feel me, then fine, you keep making a fuss
I’m busy livin’ my life, so better give me the mic

Bark like that dog
Meanwhile, I follow my dream, Imma be a someone, mo’fucker
My dream is realer than you guys’ reality
The passion inside of me is bigger than you guys’ hatred

Even if y’all get in my way, I have no limit, unlimited
My speciality is high jump, into that sky, I’m feelin’ it
Like MJ and Pippen, hiphop and I’d be kickin’ it
JK, Dok2 and me Killa, we be killin’ it

No matter what the world wants
I go my way and Imma do it my way
And when I die Imma die legend
Up in heaven rappin’ with Biggie and 2Pac, mo’fuckers


Verse 3: Tiger JK)
The rocking stones that never fall down have said,
“I won’t collapse because of some hardship”
An undying soul, even if I die and close my eyes
You might think it’s over but I was just meditating

Now I open my eyes, ready to flow
Even if my spinal nerves play with my heart
Even if I now have to use a stick to get up the stairs
I can freak the funk like whatever I want

Victory is mine, no matter where I go
If you put off your mask and approach me
I offer you a handshake, very confidently
The ones who talk behind my back: under the toilet

When we meet, your choice will determine your destiny
Yeah, trust my words
Champion, MC, Muhammad Ali at his prime
I’m Tiger JK, bomaye3)Explanation here

Bye bye now, the result is obvious
Wanna rumble in the JUNGLE until the 8th round
My punchlines float very lightly like butterflies
And become a swarm of bees that sting you

Sometimes they become honey and permeate your soul sweetly
So how do you want it sonny, don’t be a dummy
It can become a blue knife that can even cut the moon reflected in the mirror
I kill Bill, so no sequel, ain’t no running from it

As written in ain’t no running from my destiny
Imma die legend
Up in heaven chilling with Marley, son
Jamming, Die Legend


Dok2, Imma die legend
Double K
Tiger JK

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