Dok2, Masta Wu, MC Meta, San E, Swings, The Quiett - YGGR (SMTM Remix) cover

Dok2, Masta Wu, MC Meta, San E, Swings, The Quiett – YGGR (SMTM Remix)

In Translated Lyrics by heardusk

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Warning: NOT suited for minors!

  • Title: 연결고리 SMTM Remix
  • Artists: Dok2, MC Meta, Masta Wu, San E, Swings, The Quiett
  • Album: 연결고리 Remixes
  • Year: 2014
  • Original lyrics

Intro: Dok2)
Yeah, your and my connecting link, this is the sound inside of us, woah
It’s the remix right here man
Let’s get it, turn up!

Verse 1: Dok2)
Show me the money, come show me some love and how much u love me
This is Yeoui,1)Dok2 lives in Yeouido no worries,2)Possible reference to Lil Wayne’s ‘No Worries’ I am always workin, without exception
No matter what happens to my dream covered in dust in this city
and the far-away future I cannot see, by bragging, enjoying and taking care of things,

I don’t have any problems I’m chillin, Illionaire Records be killin and illin
If it’s my work, I do it diligently without procrastinating, tomorrow it’s done, I’m a reliable person
A secret that bothers, you getting first place is wrong. It’s no use if we pretend not to know about it
The path I always went cleanly, without borrowing money, greets me. I’m always up there, top billin

What’s good is good, beggars gather energy instead of money3)pun with geoji – first it is used as a verb ending, then as ‘beggar’
On my head is the billionaire boys club bucket hat
I didn’t inherit this money or anything, I earned it all,
it’s a great amount. I want more, although I’ve accomplished this much, I’m still far [from what I want]

so turn up turn up turn up turn up turn the fuck up
or shut the shut the shut the shut the shut the fuck up
I said turn up turn up turn up turn up turn the fuck up
if you can’t understand this feeling then shut the fuck up, woah

Verse 2: Masta Wu)
shout out to the homies The Q and Dok2
Illionaire yea don’t stop and get ur money
Hand over your money starting from your wallet up to your pockets4)Reference to Vasco’s ‘DON’
illionaire yea bang bang bang get ur money

mo-fukaz gon hate of course they’re jealous
They’re simply weaklings in my eyes, too weak5)ambiguous line, can also be understood as: they’re simply junkies in my eyes, [who say] “I do drugs”
I eat a lot of pigs so I know the taste of money6)1) meat is expensive, thus eating a lot of meat means that he is rich
2) reference to a piggy bank

No matter how much I exercise, I don’t mature7)pun; in Korean ‘to mature’ literally means ‘to lift iron’ → “No matter how much I exercise, I don’t pump iron / lift weights”

i stay hip hop n shit talkin, street mobbin keep poppin
bottles over fake mo-fukaz, and they jaw droppin
follow me follow me now, while i killin dem killin dem pow
Even though I have no [ search ] warrant, if you run into me you’ll be completely ransacked8)pun on ‘search warrant’ and ‘ransacked’ (in Korean ‘뒤져’) that can also mean ‘die’, so this can be read as: “if I catch you, you’re all dead”

Hook x8: MC Meta)
Your and my connecting link, this is the sound inside of us

Verse 3: San E)
remix remix remix brrrrr this is YGGR remix
I said this isn’t a diss, Brand New and Illie chillin’9)Reference to his song ‘Show You the Money’ which was thought to be an Illie diss track
Hard-carry10)gamer term that means your role is carrying your entire team to victory is my hobby, I’ll tell you a secret
Soon I’ll drop a full album featuring KRS-One

(What? Hold up hold up who who? KRS-One)

My pay is already on a different level. Why should I prove myself again?
If you tell me to eat the girl again that I ate yesterday, I’ll throw up11)In Korean, ‘eat’ is slang for ‘fuck’; he’s sarcastically implying that he’s used to sleeping with a different girl every night – which is not true and just more sarcasm
You guys shout “Deal!” like Hyunbo12)Shim Hyunbo, SMTM3 contestant who shouted “콜” in front of the judges which is slang and was not appropriate in that situation – he even got the nickname “Deal Hyunbo”
I’m above the haters’ heads “Try to catch me, ssalssalssalssalssalssal bori”13)This is a children’s song called 쌀보리 송 (ssalbori song).

“Forced rhyme, no groove?”  I laugh like Sangsoo-hyung,14)SMTM3 contestant haha
“I acknowledge your rap but I dislike your attitude,” the best fault to find
My new single is called ‘Body Language’, prepare diapers,15)implies that the song ‘Body Language’ is 19+ turn off other stuff16)other music
Show Me The Money trap package, tur-n up, turn up!17)Turn up is written in hangeul like “tur-n up” (털ㄴ업).

Verse 4: Swings)
Your and my connecting link? Sorry, the food chain is beneath me
I swing18)reference to his own name, Swings that shit like a key chain,19)→food chain I stand behind you and iron20)“this is vulgar shit” (see following line).
Being replayed all night long like a wrong referee decision in soccer. If you’re asking what I’m saying, this is vulgar shit
All talented youth follow me but when there’s a controversy, they all diss me

Well, that’s the life of a leader
The number that number two gives up is number 1
The place the tongue slides around is that buttcrack.21)The buttcrack of the person that’s number 1 The person to be thankful to? Your mother of course22)Possible reference to chaebeols, or people who are number 1 thanks to their parents only and never worked hard themselves
Fling it on, time is precious.23)Reference to Jazzyfact’s ‘아까워’ Nah, I’ll tear off those stockings
I’m strong, I don’t mind others. Even though I’ve gotten popular, my attitude is the same

“I enjoy this situation, I’m taking over the pop music scene. The huge dark cloud above the hiphop scene”24)Dok2’s lyrics in ‘역주행’ – “이 상황을 즐겨 난 가요계 접수증  힙합씬 위에는 거대한 먹구름”
the retards who listened to this rap and sneered, wake up!  I’m a crazy guy who can even predict failure
and I’m the mold growing from this excrement water. While I look at your shoes I greet you at 170 degrees25)implies he’s kissing feet, scared he might have to pay taxes (see following line).
Scared I might have to pay taxes, like a tithe, I’m Messi,26)reference to soccer player Lionel Messi whose back number is 10 (→tithe) and who once had a tax fraud scandal just give and go27)soccer term

Hook x8: MC Meta)

Verse 5: YDG)
Our child daebak Junseo and my wife’s connecting link
The chirping sound of a baby crying every morning
Make up Make up a bottle with powder milk! And change poop diapers dozens of times
“Jjakjaggung, jjakjaggung,”28)baby-clapping game similar to ‘pat-a-cake’ my baby, my baby, “peek-a-boo”

Black dog, don’t bark, you’ll wake up our child
You can’t be bought with gold or silver
“Hushaby” our baby, our sweet child sleeps nicely
“Woof-woof” dog, don’t bark, you’ll wake up our child29)These last four lines are all from the Korean lullaby ‘자장 자장 우리 아기’

Hook x7: YDG)

Verse 6: The Quiett)
Whoa, the connecting link, at the same time Q appears, the girl’s shoulders start grooving
if u don’t know me shut up bitch check my profile,30)Reference to Beenzino’s ‘Profile’ if you still don’t know, you’re a retard
if you saw all of show me the money, feel the pro feel. bitches be like OH SHIT
1LLIONAIRE WAY, we are the pride of Korean hiphop, in terms of ramyeon, we’re Nongshim31)Nongshim is a Korean food manufacturer that makes a lot of ramyeon such as neoguri ramyeon, shin ramyeon, kimchi ramyeon, etc.

I’m the killa on Prima Vista’s beat who’s back again.32)Prima Vista returned from military service. Ain’t nobody iller
Like Dok2’s new S-Class,33)line of Mercedes Benz vehicles  I cost a lot of money cuz I’m a motherfuckin hitter
I’m still representin Gwangmyeong-city & Illionaire Gang, tryna be a motherfuckin billionaire man
While kids complained and bummed around, I didn’t rest and diligently made my way whoa

Woah, I’m up all night mufucka I’m up all night34)Shoutout to Beenzino’s Up All Night EP again and again
I’ve proven myself more clearly than an ID picture
Bastards who don’t know the loneliness of those who have reached the top
talk shit. They just talk. Fuck that shit

Your and my connecting link, whoa
this is the sound inside of us
A hella poor guy became a rich homie 10 years later
I earn more money, earn earn earn money whoa35)Same line as in The Quiett’s lyrics in the original ‘YGGR’

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