Dok2 - South Korean Rapstar mixtape cover

Dok2 – Illionaire Gang (feat. Beenzino, The Quiett)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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  • Title: Illionaire Gang
  • Artists: Dok2, Beenzino, The Quiett
  • Album: South Korean Rapstar Mixtape
  • Year: 2013
  • Original lyrics



Verse 1: Dok2)
The salary of underground rappers equals the money for the watch on my wrist
Looking at my watch, it’s time to go and earn money again
1llionaire, the picture hanging here and there
outside the stores along all roads nationwide1)Refers to the Illionaire poster in adidas stores

We play above your level
When you think you’ve caught us we already go far ahead of you again
At Rodeo [Drive], Beverly [Hills] I put money on clothes worth 3,000
but it’s all right, in one or two months I’ll have earned back the money I spent

My price is always going up amigos2)Pun, going up means “olla” in Korean and “hola” (silent h) means hello/hi/hey in Spanish, so “going up amigos” can also be read as “hey amigos”
Versace, Givenchy, Balmain, yeah I need those
I’m not the least interested in the lot
who still don’t trust me, badmouth me and laugh at me, I don’t even turn around

One hundred million at the age of 21, nearly two hundred million at the age of 22?
So even more at the age of 23? Hell yeah I’m gettin’ bigger
Wit The Quiett and Beenzino we the Illionaire gambino
Everyone step back, who in the back dares to go against us

Verse 2: Beenzino)
I love my life, how about you
Fuck the price, put it in the cart first
[I’m a] Boon the Shop-shopper, I don’t shop in Karmaloop
Got Rolex already, I said next is a car

I treat my girlfriend like it is her birthday
Mondays it’s Hyundai, Tuesdays it’s Lotte
Wednesdays it’s Rodeo and Thursdays Walker Hill
Fridays we go to 10 Corso Como, Comme des [Garcons]

U can call me God of Consumption or god of hip hop word battles3)Internet phenomenon amongst Korean netizens, the God of Consumption has the power to make someone buy things
Although I wear shoes by Yves Saint Laurent and make myself known
All right I don’t give a shit, my PR continues
always unfailingly, I love my job a lot

and let the haters hate on me I don’t plan to stop
what they’ve always been doing, hatred is bad for your health
By looking at and hearing only good things I learned only good things
That’s how I reached this place, my clique you know what this is

Verse 3: The Quiett)
Fuck bad bitches yea I fuck bad bitches
Good girl gone bad gone bed with me
Illionaire, the girls dig it
Fuck love, I collect money

Rap flow winner with Chanel chain
Steaks for my dinner, that’s my well bein’
With Dok2 and Zino, Illionaire gang
Yea we ballin’ like LeBron, Dwyane Wade

Top class muh’fuckas on one
Coming to our concert is them girls’ wish
Our concert tickets are sold out in only tenths of a second
The next day the bitches sell them for exactly ten times their price

This is reality for me but for you it’s swaggin’
Illionaire the rap stars, you’re just passersby
Bitches. Actin’. My money. Stackin’.
Rappers. Wackin’. Muh’fucka I’m gangin’ wussup

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