DG - Overcome cover

DG – You Fools (feat. Beenzino)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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  • Title: You Fools
  • Artists: Beatbox DG, Beenzino
  • Album: Overcome
  • Year: 2013
  • Original lyrics


Hotclip in the buildin’
Beenzino and DG
We’re just chillin’
No stress, let’s go

Verse 1: Beenzino)
There’s nothing to you guys’ songs
The feeling of shallowness and
your rap skills are already fucked up
Enough, of course your hook making too

The level of your lyrics is like the stains on my Jordans,
to the extent that I can’t watch you fully consciously1)Lit. with open eyes
What’s even more fucked up is that you
are performing at the same concert as me

and I can’t watch that sight
“Ooh kill ’em” is my motto
When you sleep and can’t see me
I move, like Toy Story

I have more hit songs at home
I’m collecting Rolex according
to their different kinds, and in a few years
the car I’ll drive is a Rolls Royce

Ridin’ round in my car
Bass is bumpin’ so hard
The middle-aged man in the other lane frowns,
probably thinking that it’s my dad’s car

Views like that are old-fashioned
Instead of the money my mom earned,
her artistic sense
was a greater help to me

The result of that is my concert fee
I made it up to fuckin’ mill
Shut the fuck up
You can’t tell me nothing bitch

Hook: Beenzino)
I’m at the top, not you fools
With my team, not you fools
You fuck with me that means you a fool
I only bang a bitch that you ain’t used to

You fools, you fools
Fuck wit me, you a fool
You fools, you fools
I only bang a bad bad

Verse 2)
I try my best to possess a lot
Now I’m challenging myself
What’s wrong with me expressing myself?
Why are you making a rough estimate and exaggerating?

I’m beyond all those
who live a moderate life
Kids who devote their life to blatant rationalism,
just reminisce about when you had fun

My flow changes this place’s trouble right away
I familiarize my body with it
so there’s nothing that can stop me,
I lose fear and still dream at a late age

Ah! That’s not right
That would be getting stuck inside the stereotype you set
Nothing would change, it would just get worse
I rather choose to be crazy about money

I walk around all day,
gathering the whole atmosphere of the places I want
My greed fills up properly,
nobody can stop me

I just don’t do what isn’t right,
that is natural for me
Right away the meeting with the next stage,
it prepares itself on its own

I raise, no matter what anyone says
My attitude is completely greaseless,
I move honestly, exactly how I know it
What, you’re the best?

Get out of my way! The kids, who couldn’t protect
what they had to, seem to have gotten tired now
Don’t just talk the talk
but walk the walk, whatever you want to do

Hook: Beenzino)


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