Various Artists - MP HIPHOP (cover)

Defconn, Verbal Jint – Sex Drive Pt. 2

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Serious WARNING: NOT suited for minors!!!

  • Title: Sex Drive Pt. 2
  • Artists: Defconn, Verbal Jint
  • Album: MP Hiphop 풍류(風流) 합본집(合本集)
  • Year: 2003
  • Original lyrics


Verse 1: Verbal Jint)
Mmm .. huh, a bit more.
No! Don’t put it out, swallow it all.
Huh? Keep touching below with your hands.
Good. Huh~ keep still. Does it taste good?

Huh. Look up. You want to do it again? But I don’t.
Kiss? I want that even less! You want me to embrace you? Ey, shit. I feel dizzy!
It’s hot, would you move away a bit? There’s still
some stuck to your face. Shall I wipe it away? You say

I have changed very much. Why on earth, you ask?
It looks as if I just want your body? Damn! I do.
Because I found out about what you recently did.
Hey, from now on, don’t do anything like love with me anymore.

Our sexual preferences are the only things that go well together.
I want you to remain as a passable fuck buddy.
A filthy hoe that might lie with a stranger
in some room on nights without me,

as someone like that you come back to me and hope for love?
The answer is easy. Don’t make useless efforts.
Do you know my feelings? Huh, I know yours too.
But you’re no longer my significant other.

Shut up! Shut your mouth except for when you put my dick in. Huh?!
If you don’t like it? If you don’t like? Leave on your own.
Don’t you understand the situation? Yet?
Babe, I don’t need you for anything but for the sake of my dick.

So what’s love got to do with this?1)possible reference to Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It
The situation ain’t what you assume it is.
So what’s love got to do with this?
The situation ain’t what you assume it is.

Verse 2: Defconn)
(Oppa, can I put on my clothes now?) Shut up and suck. Keep licking me.
You’re gonna do it again anyway. It’s burdensome.
(Embrace me.) Yeah, alright. So keep sucking.
To put it bluntly, let’s do it just another ten times from now on.

Yes, you. No matter how I think about it, you suck well.
Every time you blow me, I’m out of breath.
It can be seen even when I put it in between your full titties.
Embrace and move around my dick with your tongue tonight.

Does it hurt when I bite your lovely pussy?
I’m short of breath. I’m turned on.
Hearing your crying that makes me happy, I can’t hold it any longer.
I’m going to come soon. I’m going to come all over your face.

My super sperm is lovely, isn’t it?
You’ll draw a D on your cheek, won’t you? I lick your clitoris.
Spit spilled around twisted lips,
I’ll put it in another time. You wordlessly

pet your reddened clit.
Don’t just keep my dick in your mouth that way.
You’re my treasure filled with dick and honey.
Try something else than what I’ve taught you.

You’re not my slave, you idiot. Today’s the last time.
What to do with this idiot? Everyone has found out.
Although it’s regrettable, I’ll have to try to send you away.
It’s a pity but it makes me stronger.

Stop looking at me. It hurts my feelings.
You saying that you love me.
Just wordlessly blow me now. Put your spit on it.
I hope you’ll forget me and live a beautiful life.

Hook x2: Defconn & Verbal Jint)
Ah, shit, it was good though, I don’t think
there’s another woman like her on this planet.
Hey, don’t say that hyung! If you look around a bit,
the world is full of women. We’re gonna have lots of fun.

Ah, shit, it was good though, I don’t think
it will be quite easy to forget a woman like her.
Don’t lie to me hyung, in a few days you’ll turn up with a brand new chick
in your arm, and the same goes for me.

Bridge: Defconn)
I liked it the most when you put in grapes.
I didn’t like the smell of cucumbers. I can’t eat eggplants, didn’t you know?
I liked it a lot when you put in strawberries.
I didn’t know aloe would hurt you so much. I’m sorry.

Verbal Jint)
The rhyme and beat that dominate the end of this night
I know somehow some of y’all can relate to this kinda shit, huh
This is the shit that keeps me and Defconn hard
The notorious Sex Drive the second part

Yeah. This is for y’all. Another joint from Defconn and VJ. Huh, what?
You thought you could stop us? Nah
We can’t be stopped. Nah. We ain’t goin’ nowhere.
We keep comin’ back stronger.
Strongest tag team in this game yo.

Outro: Defconn & Verbal Jint)
Yo. Rhymes I’ve kept to myself that nobody could do
Uh huh~
Verbal Jint and Defconn, the wickedest joint.
The wickedest joint, baby
Yo, the wickedest joint, yo
Damn it, yo yo. Damn it, it was good though.
Huh, it was that good?
It was good though.
Ah, I told you earlier, the world is full of women!
It was good though.
Ah, shit, come on.
Fucked up.

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