Crucial Star - Drawing #3: Untitled (cover)

Crucial Star – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Verse 1)
Before Sunrise1)Reference to the movie of the same name, first of the trilogy

Oh I can’t forget the little bar I first saw you in
I remember, at Fabric2)a club in front of Kyungsung Uni in Busan
I wanted to be a star that shines for you
although I’m normally the type of guy who stiffens at clubs3)He’s implying that he’s uncomfortable at clubs

It was different at that time, a feeling of destiny came over me
In my heart I missed you, even after going back to Seoul
Fall in love, like a romance movie4)Another reference to the movie trilogy
I saw us becoming one with only a few words of conversation5)Apparently an homage to Drunken Tiger’s ‘난 널 원해’ (I Want You) where the line goes “I saw us becoming one like sweet lovers” (Source)

The next scene? I asked you for your number, of course
It was the best night of my life, you were so beautiful
Not long after, we started a long-distance relationship
and once a month we lied in each other’s arms at the train station

That is how I remember you
The time we spent being crazy about each other was one year
When someone recently asked me how it’s going [with you].
I said, “I can’t take my eyes off her at all”

Can’t take my eyes off you,
my eyes off you
Even the 0.1 second it takes me
to blink is a waste

Can’t take my eyes off you,
my eyes off you
You know that I love you
I need you, I want you baby

Verse 2)
Before Sunset6)Reference to the movie of the same name, second of the trilogy

When we had been going out for about two years
I considered my feelings for you to have cooled down
I wanted to be free, like a young child
I left you a lot of wounds

I’m still the same boy,7)Reference to ‘Same Boy’ off Crucial Star’s album ‘Midnight I am the same
That is how I left your embrace
On the weekends, I was at clubs with my friends
or had a date with some woman I had stopped contacting [while going out with you].

But my heart felt strange, like a balloon with a hole
It wasn’t floating, it collapsed while I was sighing continuously
I had dreams in which you appeared crying
Several times a day I opened Instagram

to find out how you’re doing. Every time I saw some rappers
chatting you up, I gnashed my teeth, “What the f?!”
I kept writing and erasing your number
I couldn’t take my eyes off the pictures you uploaded


Verse 3)
Before Midnight8)Reference to the movie of the same name, third of the trilogy

On that night, “Baby please pick up the phone”
I put down my pride and wanted you back
I was more uncool and miserable than any other man, but

I was still your man and
you came into my embrace again
Like that, I thought that the two of us would live happily
but I will draw the curtain on this story now

I dust off this incomplete Verse 3
It did take me rather long to complete it
When I was first writing it, I had no idea
that a song that should have ended in a happy ending would end like this

However, nobody knows my life’s next scene
Completing this song means I am certain of my feelings
Lastly, I’ll provide one more phrase:
These days, I can’t take my eyes off channel 239)This channel is apparently Mnet and thus a reference to Unpretty Rapstar 2 and Heize. (*)


As one chapter comes to an end, another chapter begins
and the story goes on and on
So until I see you again,

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