Choi Sam - Suicide (album cover)

Choi Sam – Witch

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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These lyrics contain a reference to suicide, swear words, and description of violence.


Verse 1)
I turned around and left after getting hit on the head and [being told]
“Hey, don’t stare! Is that how you were raised? Don’t look like that!”
Around that time the teachers were all sensitive
because of stuff like cases of school violence or school gangs


뒤돌아 나갔지 난 한 대, 머리 위를 맞고
야, 눈깔아 집에서 그렇게 가르치디? 표정 바꿔
그 시기 쯤에 선생들 전부 다 예민했어
학교폭력사건, 일진회 뭐 그런 거 때문에

I was busy saving money, earning the fees for my funeral
by working part-time at a restaurant, not even receiving half of the minimum wage,
stepping on trash. “You cannot change your standing,
be thankful that I’ve hired you,” the owner used to repeat over and over

난 한참 돈 모으는데 바빴지 내 장례식 비 벌려고
식당 에서 알바해 최저시급 반도 못 받고
쓰레기나 밟아 이 위치는 니가 못 바꿔
써준거에 감사하란 사장 말만 골백번

I passed streets, cars, passed by my home
I spent the rest of the day staring at the dirty water under the bridge
I often pulled all-nighters there, going to school reeking of [the dirty] water
My eyes were on the blackboard, only the people changed

길, 차, 지나 집 지났지
다리 밑 더러운 물 쳐다보면서 남은하루 지났지
그렇게 자주 밤새 물 냄새 풍겨 다시 학교
내 눈 칠판 위 사람만 바뀌어

After the bell rang more melodiously than “ding-dong,”
my name was called, also the names of a few quite noisy kids
Next to the classroom we had to get into plank position
My behind was hit but my head hurt more

땡땡 아니 좀 더 노래 같던 종 뒤에
불러 내 이름, 몇몇 되게 시끄러웠던 애들까지
불러서 갔던 교무실 옆 엎드려뻗쳐
맞은 건 엉덩인데 역시 난 머리가 더 아팠지

No need for a reason, it’s all about social standing
No need for an explanation, nobody believes what you say
No need for a reason, it’s all about social standing
Anyway, no need for it, what’s important is social standing

이유는 필요 없어 모든 건 다 위치
설명은 필요 없어 니 말 안 믿지
이유는 필요 없어 모든 건 다 위치
어쨌든 필요 없어 중요한건 위치

Verse 2)
The sun has set and in front of my eyes are a sheet of paper and the police
A sly man is making a huge fuss, cussing
“Don’t think of being treated like a human, understood?!
If you don’t like that, become a police officer or behave yourself, bitch!”

해는 졌고 눈앞엔 종이 정면 에 경찰
뺀질대는 남잔 허세 부려 욕지거리
인간 취급받을 생각 마라 알겠냐
꼬우면 니가 경찰해라 아님 똑바로 살던가bitch

That was the first time anyone had called me that, of course
he didn’t say “bitch” but something similar like “crazy bitch”
Anyway, that’s what I said, [so he goes,] “What’s so wrong about
insulting a bitch like you, huh?! So what?”

그때 처음 들어봤어 물론 bitch
라고 안 그랬지 뭐 비슷해 bitch나 미친년이나
여튼 내가 그렇대 너 같은 년한테
욕하는 게 뭐 크게 잘못됐어? 아냐 뭐 어때

My crime? My face, he says he knew right away when he saw my completely sleepy eyes
The men are excited, they must be having fun
At the words, “If you’ve got something to say, say it!” I smile, at the same time a slap is thrown my way
“Stop acting up! We’ll give you time so hurry up and write!”

내 죄명은? 얼굴, 다 풀린 눈 딱 보면 안대
저들끼리 신이 났어 재밌나봐
할 말 있음 해보라기에 난 웃어 동시에 날아온 손
까불지 말고 시간 줄테니 적어라 어서

After two or three hours of being hit, the sheet of paper is still blank
I wasn’t listening at all, what can I say? I just kept my mouth shut
We’re about to reach the limit, both his and mine
We’ve both had enough but the one getting hit is me

두, 세 시간을 쳐 맞고도 백지
싸그리 귀 닫고 있는데 뭘 말해 그냥 입 닫았지
슬슬 차올라 한계 그나 나나
답답한 건 매 한가지 근데 쳐 맞는건 난 거지


I had expected as much, there was not much of an explanation
and all I knew was a name written on a white sheet of paper
In the end, everyone heard about it having been a misunderstanding
Well, I didn’t needlessly talk about it much

대충 예상 했지 별 설명 역시 없었고
내가 안건 그냥 흰 종이 거기 적힌 이름
결국 오해란 거 다 알았지만
뭐 굳이 길게 더 말 안했지 난

I receive my confiscated cell phone and turn it on
24 missed calls, two texts from the restaurant owner
saying that I don’t have to come to work the next day and that he cannot give me
the pay I had earned so far. All of this accompanied by a swearword

압수됐던 휴대폰을 받고 켜본 전원
부재중 이십사통 문자는 두개
내일부터 오지 말고 이때까지 일 한건
못준다는 사장 말과 첨부된 십 원짜리 욕

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