BewhY - Time Travel (album cover)

BewhY – Delusional (Feat. Cjamm)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Explanation: 중2병/중이병
Translated as ‘delusional‘, the term ‘중이병’ (jung-ibyeong, lit. 2nd-year-of-middle-school-illness) originates from the Japanese word ‘中二病’ (read: ちゅうにびょう, chyuunibyou), which originally refers to a mindset during puberty in second year of middle school (around the age of fourteen). It is defined as a rebellious phase, similar to the mindset of Sturm and Drang, and often translated as ‘adolescent delusions’. Some ‘symptoms’ for the Japanese term are: starts listening to Western music, drinks coffee despite not liking it, can’t fall asleep at 2 am, doesn’t want to become an office worker, dislikes adults, replies “Out!” when asked by mother “Where are you going?”, buys sunglasses.
The Korean term however has a very different meaning and is being used as an insult. Reasons to call someone that way are: the person likes to pretend, show off, and brag, and is very cheesy and so extremely sure of themselves that they could be called delusional. So when in English you’d call someone delusional, crazy, and a helpless case, Koreans like to say that the person has ‘중이병’ (jung-ibyeong). Do watch this SNL skit as an example (it has no subs but still gives you an idea of the word’s meaning). (*)
In this track, BewhY and Cjamm use the insult with a somewhat self-deprecating humor to express that although people might see them as delusional, they are certain that they will succeed and thus brag about it.
Verse 1)
B to the e w h Y
Now that my name is engraved in everyone’s mind,
those who have tactlessly stayed in this scene like slowpokes
get their ass moving because of me

Boombedeebahm, I thoughtlessly pour rap on the beat
Let him out already, please, a guy who creates this much
in this country. I’ll now be mentioned [by people and the media].
All over the country, the question comes up: Who is BewhY?

BewhY, you ask? Ah, he … “Isn’t he Cjamm’s do boy?”1)= errand boy (*); Cjamm is the leader of $exy $treet, and he caught people’s attention before BewhY which is why people say things like this.
Yeah, I’m the do boy who punches the boss’s chin
While you dumbasses are chain-smoking, I open my notebook
Those who have no personality act tough instead of being skilled

Don’t look down on us middle schoolers, your style is just like any other
The Abe2)Abercrombie style that you badmouth is way better
Your teeth will be hit with music, prepare implants
because I’ll even smash the ones that were knocked out

I’ve got no common sense, not at all
My mentality is that of a fourteen-year-old middle schooler
You better not meet me in an alley
Instead of using my fists, I’ll use my tongue to

punch your chin, chin, chin, chin, hook!
Punch your chin, chin, chin, chin, hook!
Punch your chin, chin, chin, chin, hook!
Punch your chin, chin, chin, chin, hook hook!

Verse 2)
Puberty has come again
But it’s very different from before
Instead of spit, I spit the future through my teeth
I’ll make 2015 mine and have a baby [with it].

Conquest Conqueror will be its birth name
That name is the title of the reason why I’m here
You be the king, you be the king, I’ll become the emperor
When you call me, it’ll be “Your Majesty” like your future3)Pun, double entendre; the word for “Your Majesty” can also mean ‘under the stairs’ → under the stairs like your future

Hey Yello,4)$exy $treet members use this word as sort of a global shout-out, it is their version of the N-word and emphasizes their Korean identity and lyrics. (*) Imperial shit
This is the life scenario I’ve written down
DD,5)Dynamic Duo VJ,6)Verbal Jint Illionaire, Swings
The unbelievable kid who will continue their history

More melanin in the tongue than the skin,
people very often say that my trap resembles Jay-Z’s7)Yes, people say that BewhY’s mouth looks like Jay-Z’s … Like so or so.
Psy-hyung introduces me to African Americans in the US
Then I’ll brag about kimchi, how do you like my plan?


Verse 3)
Napoleon’s fighting spirit, Ghengis Khan’s skin
Alexander’s ambition, the blood of Joseon’s royal family
all in one body, an inborn king
These lyrics I wrote are a preview of what’s to come in a few years

I’m a baby Tyranno, this place is Jurassic
Kneeling lions, the savanna went down
Why’s everyone so surprised? I just do ma thing
You ask how old I am? I’m a fourteen-year-old middle schooler

Delusional, delusional, I’m so sick
I fly around, no need for step counters
Nas or Jay, Pac or Biggie
Later we’ll be compared to them, BewhY or C

Ladys ‘n gents, ma big brother C

Verse 4: Cjamm)
Fuck off y’all
If I’m included anywhere, I am always the coolest
That is why God made only me
If you glare at me, I’ll break your neck instead of your ego

As a child, there was a lot I wanted to own
I always wanted to become an adult and earn money
But now that I’m grown up, there’s even more I want to own
In return, I’ve even got fans who like me for my looks so no worries

New Timberland, new honey, new tatt
New things shine, why use your head to understand?
Even the old ones8)retired rappers/rappers past their heyday like me and say I’m immature
I’m telling you I was five years old when Garion debuted9)Cjamm was born on 28th February 1993, Garion debuted in March 1998.

I’m making a masterpiece, yes like One Piece
And the things I’ve shown so far are the first piece
There’s nothing I’m afraid of, just one thing: high schoolers
When they turn up, I go in and hide [under] my girlfriend’s dress

Keep that a secret, because in this scene
where everyone acts tough, I can’t be the only one not acting tough
C double M, I do it the most hiphop-like10)He uses hiphop as an adjective which makes the translation a bit awkward.
Man, you badmouthing Giriboy?! That hyung is with me11)Both Cjamm and Giriboy are signed to Just Music.


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