Basick - Foundation Vol. 3 (cover)

Basick – Lie (Feat. InnoVator)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Warning: NOT suited for minors!

  • Title: 거짓말
  • Artists: Basick, InnoVator
  • Album: Foundation Vol. 3
  • Year: 2013
  • Original lyrics
  • Translated by Rin | Edited by Lena


Yo, everything is fine
Tell me what you worry about
All of this is a first for me
It’s all because you’re pretty

The night got late before we knew
After our faces had turned red
I had bad intentions for a short while
If I say I hadn’t, that’s a lie

That’s a lie

Verse 1)
“I’m a man so I can’t do stuff like that”
Yes I’m lyin’, sure I can
It’s about you, what can’t I do?
Acting cute, emoticons, OK!

I don’t see anything [but you], told you I’m blind
It’s OK if I get cursed at by friends
You can put me together
with those guys who, uh, chase after women

“I’ll treasure you because I love you”
Yes I’m lyin’, I wanna fuck
I’m also a man and quite healthy
If I continue to hold back I’ll get very ill

If you come only one step closer to me
I won’t be able to hold back, I’ll go totally wild
I can’t do this anymore
My head isn’t working anymore. Two plus three is …

What was it? Even easy calculations are too much for me
I’m suffocating and feel dizzy
I don’t even know what I’m saying, which arm I held up,
and what I asked just now,

if I blew cigarette smoke towards you,
if I acted less like a damn show-off in front of you,
if I might have acted like an retard,
if I stared a hole into your face, yeah

Yeah, I’m a big fat liar
It’s dug deep into a corner of my heart1)“It” could refer to desire/lust or lying.
It can’t be satisfied. It infects you deeply

“[I’m] A real man who can’t be fazed
I will protect you, just sleep”
You’re right I’m lyin’, lip-service

Hook: InnoVator)
Yeah I’m dreaming ‘bout it all the time
Baby get on quickly. “Let’s sleep just holding hands,” lie, lie
Baby you gon’ realize, men are fucking full of lies
“I will protect you” is a lie, lie

Hold ma hand, let’s dance
Hold ma head, burning [with passion]

Verse 2: InnoVator)
“I am more curious about your mind and feelings
than the color of your underwear,”
“I invited you for a drink
as an excuse to talk”

and the words “I will protect you”
are all downright lies
You know they’re lies
but you feign ignorance

Hiding one’s true feelings?
To me who’s all grown up, that ain’t love
Since I’m already all grown up,
I don’t want a blue ball2)Possibly a reference to a little boy’s cliché toy being a blue ball

Yeah you’re right,
I wanted this from the beginning
when I said “Let’s date,” I ain’t gonna lie
“You are my full moon,” right

Hook: InnoVator)

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