1sagain - recall (cover)

1sagain – Believer (Feat. Xena)

In Translated Lyrics by heardusk

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  • Title: Believer
  • Artists: 1sagain, Xena
  • Album: Recall
  • Year: 2013
  • Original lyrics

Verse 1)
When I had a dream of doing music, everyone said it couldn’t happen
People looked at me like a child and asked me ‘Are you sure?’
I feigned ignorance and disregarded their harsh glances and backs
Although I looked pitiful, I liked it so I had to do it

Every time I watch more and more of my songs never see the light of the day
The one hope that I’d be happy if just one person listened to my songs
turns into a seed that grows to become courage
And I stopped going to college

I couldn’t dream of doing work such as music videos
I clumsily filmed it myself and although my friends teased me
I was happy that I could dream and I took the challenge
I was delighted that my dream was closer than I thought

Within a month after I released my album by myself, many songs were sold and I got awards,
I wasn’t interviewed by any single reporter
But holding my trophy on my way in the subway, I felt quite grateful
That song’s title was ‘After Breaking Up’

Hook: Xena)
Although I can’t see anything and have nothing
For the sake of that day when I’ll be able to fly high
Now I say goodbye to the days I spent in tears and the moments I wanted to give up
For that day when I’ll be able to smile again

Verse 2)
It seemed like I had achieved my dream
I signed a contract with an agency right away and worked night and day for two years
Although we had differences of opinion sometimes
I met their requirements and prepared my album

The 1st album I anticipated so much is now a faint memory, in one word it’s forgotten
The broadcasts I prepared so hard for were also canceled one by one
My voice could no longer be heard on the radio

I couldn’t blame anyone either
I made and sung the songs, I chose to do this
If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s mine for not being able to do any better
I hate myself who is lacking
Dozens of times I thought that I wanted to die

There were no news, let alone broadcasts for the next single I released
I had made the song seven years earlier
So I didn’t expect anything from the album, it stayed on the charts for one month
You could hear it on every street, the song’s title is ‘Last Christmas’

Hook: Xena)

Bridge: Xena)
I break down and collapse
I’m unable to see my future and don’t even have to strength to get up again
All my wishes that I have hoped and prayed for are bound towards tomorrow full of hopes
I get up again

When you think it’s the end, the end is a new beginning
Don’t think that this is the end
A crisis is actually an opportunity
You need a ground to push off from
and I believe in God and
know that he won’t let me down

Hook: Xena)

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