Multillionaire / 1 Life 2 Live Double Concert poster

Multillionaire + 1 Life 2 Live Double Concert Review

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Dreams. Friendship. Two things you should never let go of in your life. And in Dok2 & The Quiett’s first double concert in 5 years, it seemed like those two concepts were the themes of the night. With a solid set list from their new albums and some fan favorites, the two artists stirred up the atmosphere at AX-Hall on December 6th.


Unlike usual Illionaire concerts, this time there was no official Illionaire merchandise (hoodies, snapbacks) or 808 merchandise sold at the venue, but instead solely the newest albums from Dok2 ‘Multillionaire’, and The Quiett ‘1 Life 2 Live’. Even so, quite a number of fans were spotted donning Illionaire & 808 merchandise walking around – both Korean and international.


Surprisingly enough around 20% of the audience responded that it was their first Illionaire concert and the duo did not disappoint. Even though clearly there were some songs that most audience were unfamiliar with, throughout the concert the crowd was hyped up with their hands up 1)or signz up singing along or rapping along. The artists also clearly thanked fans old and new for supporting them.

Before and after Microdot joins Dok2 on stage, Dok2 discusses his life philosophy: always chase your dreams. A basic summary of what Dok2 stated on stage: “Starting out as a group ‘All Black’ 10 years ago poor and working like slaves, Microdot went back to New Zealand and now we’re reunited and look at where we’re at now. You guys know what I always emphasize. Dreams.” Clearly the importance of dreams and friendship to the artist can be seen through his words and even through the performance seen above. 2)sorry it’s just a phone camera

If you have gone to any of Illionaire’s concerts, you know that they don’t leave without a fiery encore. This time was no different but to the audience’s surprise, Jay Park appeared as a guest for the encore along with other AOMG members Ugly Duck & Cha Cha to perform and enjoy ‘Worldwide’, ‘Mommae’, and ‘YGGR’ for the finale. A great ending to an exciting concert full of surprises and the warmth of friendships. 3)John Dean appeared for the last song too

dodeok setlist

Set List:



All About

1 Life 2 Live

할레루야 (Hallelujah)

Your World

Body 2 Body

Be My Luv

Hotter Than The Summer

Be About It


Came From the Bottom


Still Me

치키차카초코초 (Chikichakachokocho)

Spirit of Ecstasy


My Love


골키퍼 (Goalkeeper feat. Microdot)

We Gotta Know

Still On My Way

On My Way

My Life


밖에 비온다 주룩주룩 (Rain Shower Remix)

내가 (Naega)

2 Chainz n Rollies


연결고리 (YGGR)

가 (Ga)

이루와봐 (Come Here) + L4L




Worldwide (feat. Jay Park)

Mommae (feat. Jay Park, Ugly Duck)

연결고리 (YGGR)


Note: There are many more pictures and videos available for your viewing pleasure (though not HD) via 1llestfans.

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