Song Cover Artworks (Take My Money)

15 Free SoundCloud Songs You’ll Want to Pay for

In Recommendations by Lena

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Listen to these fifteen fresh and free R&B/hiphop tracks off SoundCloud that are so good you will want to pay for them!

While compiling HiphopKR’s weekly SoundCloud playlists, I sometimes unsuspectingly click on play and get instant goosebumps, having to do a double take to make sure that what I’m listening to is indeed a free-to-listen track and not an official release. Every time this phenomenon occurs I find myself wondering how such good music can be released for free, and like a common meme I end up shouting at my screen: “Take my money! Where do I send it to?! Take it!”
Unfortunately, I cannot release these songs for the artists, but I can share them with all of you instead. So, here are fifteen recent tracks that have me want to spend my money on them.

Note: Even though there are cardinal numbers, the songs are listed in random order, this is not a ranking.

  1. BiNTAGE – Comfort Zone (prod. BiNTAGE)
  2. 104 – Food Truck (Feat. JUNNY, yelloasis, 논산이장님)
  3. YuNa – YUM-YUM (Feat. FR:EDEN)
  4. DA₩N – 이리와 (Come On) (Feat. J.yung)
  5. DA₩N – W o O ! (feat. ₩itch)
  6. SLCHLD – call this love (Feat. Rheehab)
  7. Roman Kayz X G.Nine X Holy Osa – Champagne (prod. WVLF)
  8. Andnew – SAIL BOAT (Feat. EXN, SOO while!ght)
  9. Rick Bridges – 바뻐 (Later)
  10. JUNNY – I Wanna Fall In Love (prod. by Calvin Cook)
  11. Jayci yucca – 인어공주
  12. yelloasis – MALIBU (Feat. Sun Limit)
  13. dKash – Fvck Luv (Feat. Y1ee X Silly Boot) (prod. dKash)
  14. Luna Tune – Space Babe
  15. BOiTELLO – We Don’t (Feat. RIPELY) (prod. by Ranez)

You can listen to the complete playlist on SoundCloud, or listen to the songs on YouTube. Please note that the YouTube playlist is missing a few tracks since we only uploaded the ones for which we received permission by the respective artist.


1. BiNTAGE – Comfort Zone

R&B singer and producer BiNTAGE has been active on SoundCloud for only a few months but every song he uploads is a hit. The artist is part of Mainders Movement alongside producer PRIVACY, who is the leader and just as talented. The remaining members are rappers Kwangho, Baylee, and RoughPinch, the latter we introduced as SoundCloud Discovery of the Month May. In the same month, BiNTAGE released the mixtape ‘I C U‘ with featurings by LILMONEY, Khundi Panda, and 9xchild. The ’95-born even participated in writing, composing and arranging Monsta X’s song ‘SHINE FOREVER‘ of the correspondent album.
‘Comfort Zone’ was entirely created by BiNTAGE, including the artwork. The song will make you feel comfortable and good, and as a fan of R&B music I was instantly sold.
Follow BiNTAGE:               


2. 104 – Food Truck (Feat. JUNNY, yelloasis, 논산이장님)

Rapper and singer 104 (read: „back-sah“) is part of the duo Idiot Brother alongside R&B singer-songwriter yelloasis who also features on this track. One might think that four artists are a bit too much for a 3:41min-long song but the transitions are so organic and the artists’ voices match so well that you’d think these four had been working together for a long time already. Or, yelloasis and JUNNY are simply skilled in mixing and mastering. Another plus: Primitive point, but it’s a love song and includes food. Two basic needs, check.
Follow 104:               


3. YuNa – YUM-YUM (Feat. FR:EDEN)

YuNa is a new discovery for me but I was immediately hooked on this super catchy chorus. The singer’s voice is easy on the ears and this poppy track will make you want to put it on replay and dance. The lyrics are about a girl in love who lives and “eats” off her boyfriend: “I live off your gazes, off your cute jealousy, off you saying that I’m pretty.” In charge of the rap is FR:EDEN who is highly sought after these days–you’re bound to hear his voice at one point.
‘YUM-YUM’ is only the fourth track YuNa has uploaded and the way it looks we can expect some more earworms from her.
Follow YuNa:         


4. & 5. DA₩N – 이리와 (Come On) (feat. J.yung) / W o O ! (feat. ₩itch)

DA₩N is a recent favorite of mine and I’m just waiting for him to blow up any minute. Every song he uploads is so perfect that I had trouble choosing only one. (Not that anyone will complain about getting two.) Both ‘Come On’ and ‘W o O !’ will instantly appeal to your eardrums and have you singing and nodding along. The two strawberries on top are featurings by J.yung and by Honolulu-based artist ₩itch.
Very recently, DA₩N featured on Call Lee‘s single ‘Melting Point‘. Hopefully he will make his official solo debut soon, but until then check out the rest of his songs!
Follow DA₩N:               


6. SLCHLD – Call This Love (Feat. Rheehab)

SLCHLD is no stranger, especially not for our Canadian readers—he opened for Reddy and G2‘s concert in Vancouver. With three mixtapes and countless songs, you can be listening to SLCHLD’s music for quite a while.
As he serenades with an emotionally charged voice, “Do people really call this love?” you get thrown into an endless pitch of feelings. This beautiful song features Rheehab, whose music we have been enjoying since what feels like the beginning of time. The singer recently featured on Snacky Chan‘s ‘Netflix & Chill‘. SLCHLD and Rheehab are definitely a successful collaboration that consequently repeated itself for the song ‘our name‘.
Follow SLCHLD:         


7. Roman Kayz x G.Nine x Holy Osa – Champagne (Prod. WVLF)

Here is the most international collaboration in this list: Holy Osa from Miami, US, G.Nine who just left Bangkok, Thailand, to return to Seoul, South Korea, and Roman Kayz who is apparently going back and forth between all of these three countries.
Holy Osa has been working with Korean underground artists for quite a while now, his project album ‘Blu Scale‘ dropped two months ago and was a successful mix of Korean and Miami vibes.
G.Nine was featured in our Artist Spotlight series not too long ago. He and Roman Kayz are both part of the crew AF1 (Air Force 1).
The mix of English and Korean on this guitar-based, chill track already sounds like a classic. And personally, I cannot wait to hear more collaborations like this one, it just proves that music is an international language.
Follow AF1:    


8. Andnew – SAIL BOAT (Feat. EXN, Soo while!ght)

It is not an exaggeration to say that Andnew‘s entire ‘It’s NEW‘ mixtape was a blast. It made me feel bad for listening to it for free, especially considering that the artist produced all of the tracks himself. ‘SAIL BOAT’ is my favorite track off the tape, an electro-tropical track we could label pop/R&B, or just enjoy it as is.
Andnew recently released his cover version of Taeyang’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and the video had me amazed at where on earth that voice is coming from. Do check it out and subscribe to his channel!
Follow Andnew:                    


9. Rick Bridges – 바뻐 (Later)

Rapper Rick Bridges is the leader of Romano Blackwood, a high-end culture crew (fashion, music, tattoos). The artist recently joined Cycadelic Records and participated in their cyphers ‘Cycadelic Psycho‘ and ‘Click Bang‘. He also has a mixtape coming up with his labelmate Absint titled ‘Lounge 7’.
With its tropical sounds, ‘Later’ is a trendy summer track in which the rapper, ironically, spits about his busy schedule. This one needs a place in your summer playlist!
Follow Rick Bridges:               


10. JUNNY – I Wanna Fall In Love (prod. by Calvin Cook)

Since discovering JUNNY‘s voice, there hasn’t been one song of his I did not enjoy. (Yes, I once again had a hard time choosing only one track.) Anyone who likes R&B will immediately fall in love with his music. The Vancouver-based artist has opened for Giriboy and Vasco’s concert in his city. In May he released the album ‘Monochrome‘, which featured SLCHLD, and just two days ago his latest album ‘AGE [21]‘ came out.
‘I Wanna Fall in Love’ is an R&B love song, simple and classic, with a pinch of rapping. If you’re into Korean R&B and like Dean and Crush, JUNNY’s music is going to be your new sanctuary.
Follow JUNNY:                    


11. Jayci yucca – 인어공주

Wayside Town’s rapper Jayci yucca not only has the visuals the ladies enjoy, but also, and more importantly, the rap. ‘인어공주’ (lit.: mermaid princess) has romantic-sweet lyrics about entering a fairy tale and saving the mermaid princess that’s waiting for her prince. Once you press play on this song, you can vividly hear the waves rushing in and bubbling all around as you dive into the underwater world appearing in front of you.
By the way, Jayci yucca released his first mixtape ‘JUST FEEL‘ in 2016 which is also worth a listen or two.

Coincidentally, shortly after I had compiled this list, Jayci yucca removed this song off his SoundCloud channel because the song is going to get an official release! In other words, my wish has been granted and we will soon be able to pay for this song. HiphopKR will update you once ‘인어공주’ is being released as an official single. Meanwhile, check out Jayci yucca’s other tracks like his most-played ‘Flower Beam‘ and ‘어울려‘.
Follow Jayci yucca:                    


12. yelloasis – MALIBU (Feat. Sun Limit)

R&B singer-songwriter yelloasis of Idiot Brother is not to be missed out on. ‘MALIBU’ is a track off his mixtape ‘me (E chord)‘. It is sexy, groovy, has a funky bass line, and yelloasis’ vocals are smooth on the ears. If you can, do listen to the entire tape (and like me you will soon wonder how this quality music can be for free).
Follow yelloasis:               


13. dKash – Fvck Luv ft Y1ee x Silly Boot (Prod. dKash)

There is no need to tell you that Holmes Crew are awesome. The other day, Mangos (Y1ee, Silly Boot, and Shupie) released the ‘Mixtape Indie‘ which featured dKash, among other artists. At the beginning of the year, dKash released his solo EP ‘Airport Love‘ and last year the mini album ‘Hash X Kash‘ with Hash Swan.
‘Fvck Luv’ is a tropical latin song, another great summer party tune, and it even includes a few Spanish phrases for good measure. ¡Bailemos!
Follow dKash:                         


14. Luna Tune – Space Babe

Since introducing her as Discovery of the Month March, I have had my ears on Luna Tune. The XL SQUAD member has shown a great improvement in her skills and she even made her official debut in June. By now she has already released two singles. Luna Tune not only raps, she can also sing, and in ‘Space Babe’ she shows these talents off on an R&B/hiphop beat. Her voice sounds like she is constantly eating candy and is just as addicting. Play this love song and jump right into space!
Follow Luna Tune:               


15. BOiTELLO – We Don’t (Feat. Ripely) (Prod. By Ranez)

Last but not least—BOiTELLO. This rapper and member of GR8VATTIC has a lot of bangers up on SoundCloud, but the one that makes me want to spend my money the most is ‘We Don’t’, it has the most plays and features Ripely. Her voice contrasts well with BOiTELLO’s low-tone rapping and the whole song sounds like it is casually playing on the radio in the background.
In case you missed it, BOiTELLO released his first mixtape ‘ROMAN‘ in February–I highly recommend it.
Follow BOiTELLO:               

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