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Vismajor, “빨간딱지 (Red Tag)” MV

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As the crew set to release their compilation album [RUN VMC] on July 25th, Vismajor recently released the MV for their track “빨간딱지 (Red Tag).”

The track is produced by TK and features artists Deepflow, Wutan, ODEE, and Baby Nine.  The MV is filmed by Ven and Devon Miles, and directed by Deepflow.

Meanwhile, Vismajor and ADV will hold their own concert “ADVMC” on August 17 at Hongdae Prism Hall.

[Credit] 빨간딱지 (Red Tag) – Deepflow, Wutan, ODEE & Baby Nine
produced by TK
Mixed by Brasco @ U.D.S Studio
Mastered by Brasco @ U.D.S Studio
M/V Directed by Deepflow, Devon Miles & VEN


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