Huckleberry P concert poster

[VIDEO] Huckleberry P Concert Highlights (Parts 1-4)

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On January 19th, HI-LITE Records’ Huckleberry P held his own concert at Hongdae DGBD.

The video series features concert and interview footages with Huckleberry P.  In part 2, Huckleberry P discusses the meaning behind the concert name Boonshin (분신).  “If you look up the term Boonshin (분신) in the dictionary, you will generally see three descriptions: to set oneself on fire as means of political protest (also known as false fire), people who pretend to behave and act like you, and to rise above body consciousness.  As you can tell from the poster, I feel like the first meaning most accurately represented the concert; to set myself on fire to deliver hip-hop to my fans.

Check out the videos below:

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Shot by @Etchforte, @Mang9bass, @inspthec
Directed by @Etchforte

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