[LIVE] New Era’s Choice Concert @ Club Cocoon

In Videos by Andrew

Dok2 비스듬히 걸쳐

Various artists including Dok2, Double K, The Quiett, Paloalto, B-Free, MYK, L.E.O, 방사능, and 2winS performed yesterday at Hongdae Club Cocoon’s New Era’s Choice Concert. Courtesy of YouTube user gjwjwg, watch the following live performances by Dok2, Double K and Jay Park!

Dok2 – Doin’ Good (featuring Jay Park)

Double K – Favorite Music

Dok2 – 비밀 / Secret & It’s Me

Dok2 – U Don’t Know

Dok2 – 훔쳐 / Steal (featuring Double K)

Source: ROKHipHop.com