GXGARY - WWL (Western Wild Life) (Feat. Triump, 187) cover

GXGARY, “WWL (Western Wild Life) (Feat. Triump, 187)” MV

In Videos by Andrew

After joining label CHROMITE and releasing a mixtape with Triump and 187 under the name 3BROS, artist GXARY dropped his first single “WWL” earlier today.

The single “WWL (Western Wild Life)” is composed and arranged iDeal of RHYDMEKA crew, and mixed and mastered by VISMAJOR’s Brasco.  The MV is directed by Triump and GROOVY GEARS.


GXARY | Twitter (http://twitter.com/gx2ary)
TRIUMP | Twitter (http://twitter.com/kyoon8736)
187 | Twitter (http://twitter.com/seung187)

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