Tablo’s new hip-hop label titled HIGH GROUND

In News by Andrew

As announced previously, Epik High member Tablo will be leading YG Entertainment’s hip-hop label called ‘HIGH GROUND’.

YG Entertainment founder and CEO Yang Hyun-suk stated in an interview with OSEN that “Hiphop will start in YG. As a fan of hip-hop myself, I have a lot of respect for hip-hop artists, including our very own Jinusean and 1TYM.”

He added, “In the past, we were unable to accommodate the many hip-hop artists wanting to join our YG family. A few years later, Tablo and the members of Epik High joined the YG family. As I watched Epik High grow into further fruition, I pondered the idea of starting a hip-hop label under YG Entertainment.”

The new hip-hop label will be called “HIGH GROUND”. Yang CEO stated, “Given the cultural context, hip-hop has mostly been underground. Through our new label, we will strive to connect the “under” with the major while preserving the quality of the music. We will provide the medium to create hip-hop music.”

Lastly, YG founder commented, “The management, marketing, and the technicality of the label will be supported by YG Entertainment. This will allow a creative medium for our hip-hop artists.”

[ Source | OSEN ] [ Translation | HiphopKR ]