Swings shares his recent personal life through digital single “Rap Star”

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After announcing his upcoming book, album and singles, Just Music CEO and artist Swings dropped a new single titled “Rap Star.”

Swings - Rap Star cover

Swings shares to the world about the various adversities and conflicts he experienced after his celebrity spotlight through MNET Show Me The Money 3. Check out the track as well as english translations by pop!gasa below:


Swings – Rap Star (English Translations by pop!gasa)

Verse 1
Show me the money, two seasons passed
More people started holding my hand
My past is being blown up even more
I’ll expose my black history so everyone can see
I hear the words “pig bastards” about a million times
They tell me not to care so I ignore it
But it’s like they’re laying me down and saying it to my ears
Now it’s sticking to my ear like a bad chorus
Not too long ago, I took care of half my mother’s debt, a bloody 5 thousand
My dongsengs tell me to buy a car
It’s so ironic, I’m doing well but one day
My father gave me a taxi license
I said that’s okay but inside, I asked, “why’s he doing this?”
I thought things would get better
I thought I was strong
But I’m still a kid

Cuz you’re a rap star
You said you dreamed of this life
You’re a rap star
Hey, so why’re you complaining

Verse 2
They tell me to give thanks
But some relatives try to get money from me on holidays
The leeches and flies act as if I’m indebted to them
Calling me in the middle of the night, making me swear
My heart door is closing
Memorizing my company name and pretending we’re close
I can’t even drink at night
Delinquents who always think they’re the victims
They get drunk and get gutsy, trying to pick a fight as they reek of alcohol
Then what do I do? I pretend to smile and just walk out
I can’t make it to the papers, I’d rather be treated like crap toilet paper
Last week, he was my fan but today, he cusses at me as if that never happened
After our relationship got vague, my motherfucking dongseng turned into a jerk
That’s the entire hip hop scene
You don’t think I know? You desperately want me to fall
Listen up bastards, you still don’t know?
I don’t even care about you all
It’s dangerous to care, of course it’s torturous
But why read the negative comments?
Hatred just keeps accumulating
I’m getting faster at reading signs and now I’m like the clever king of dodgeball
I said I wanted to be admitted into a hospital but you know what they said?
They said I couldn’t because my situation isn’t as bad
I wanted to die but they told me to shut up, you know why?
They said because I’m a fucking rap star

Cuz you’re a rap star
You said you dreamed of this life
You’re a rap star
Hey, so why’re you complaining

Verse 3
If I die right now
I wonder how much they would laugh at me
Lots and lots and lots and lots
I’m telling you ahead of time, don’t go to my funeral
You can cuss at my family on the Internet all you want
Cuz I’mma motherfucking rap star?
I need to shut my mouth even after seeing the guy who spread groundless rumors
Cuz I’mma motherfucking rap star, right?
When I’m crying and I politely decline your selfie request
It’s all my fault
My emotions can be ignored because I’m a motherfuckin rapstar who sells songs for 40 cents each

Cuz you’re a rap star
You said you dreamed of this life
You’re a rap star
Hey, so why’re you complaining

Rap star, rap star, you’re a 90kg pig bastard
Rap star, rap star, why’re you complaining, come here, let’s brand you
Rap star, rap star, rap star, rap star
Just shut up and hurry and sing
I know everything about you, I saw you on TV

“Rap Star” is available worldwide through various music portal sites.