Swings - 황정민 (King Swings Part 2) cover

Swings – 황정민 (King Swings, Part 2) – English Translations

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Earlier today, Brand New Ent artist and JUST MUSIC Ent CEO Swings uploaded the part 2 of his “Control” verse, calling out other artists, specifically Ugly Duck and Simon D.

The following is a work in progress english translation of the track “황정민, King Swings Part 2” by Swings.  Most of the translation is preliminary and some are incomplete (as shown in brackets), so keep checking back for updates.  If you want to contribute to the translation and interpretation, feel free to comment or Tweet me @HiphopKR.


Swings – 황정민 (King Swings, Part 2)

Ugly duck,
You ugly fuck
You think you got swag?
Calling me a pig?
Why don’t you grab yourself a mirror?

I saw Simon D a few weeks back,
Do you remember that too? and
He said you look like me

Oink oink oink? Shut up, quack quack quack
The others have a lot of respect for the track

Do you remember when I was going through a hard time?
The money you provided me with
Gave me a lot of strength during that time

3 years ago your fan, starting today my bitch,
You’re too small to beat up, and your right hand is thick
I’m different than my seonbaes, let’s not threaten each other
Chopsticks are all I need to eat a duck like yourself

You tell me to blindly turn away?
You think I’m a pussy?
Is that why you only dissed J’kyun and Mad Clown?

Hiphop’s Son Seokhee,
(그리고 비비크림, 바른 형 까면 자동 진급해서 비기지?)

(나 만큼 쩢어진 그 두 눈 사이에 난 각목 넣어 너 원하는 “거물” 깔게 힘주고 눈 똑바로 떠.”)

First of all, fuck Simon D (Jeong Kisuk)
You mentally retarded bitch

Just stand over there

If you look at me the wrong way
I’ll slice you like circumcision
When E-Sens was kicked out,
You held your two hands with Dynamic Duo

While E-Sens was sleeping,
His contract was terminated
Despite that, you laugh, go on TV
and pretend to act like you’re actually nice?

Is it his fault for denying the 1 million dollar slave contract?
Simon D, you motherfucker, I knew it ever since J.Tong was stolen
Sun Ju Kyung (Ugly Duck) I bet you didn’t know
I apologized to Simon D first, you were tricked

After battling with Dead’P
I did an interview
I was going for anyone else, but
Would forgive if they begged for mercy

And the next day:

Guess who calls me on my phone?
But then you say that I called out Just Jam?
Heyo Jung Kisuk (Simon D), don’t make me rip your balls out
Keep feeding Sun Ju Kyung who loves to suck you off
Is this what you call loyalty?

You tiny fucking duck, why don’t you try to be a man
The only reason why you dissed me is this:
I’m the enemy of your enemy’s enemy
There is no such thing as alliance, I only believe in myself
You only have one mixtape
But you say I get ahead of myself?

You only have one mixtape. You only have one mixtape
You say I don’t study hiphop? What does that make you?
(쌈디 장기 판 뒤 난 니 앞니, 팔, 귀, 바퀴 밥 짐)
(삽질 하기 않길 난 니 박피 하지 빨리 까지)
Why do I write? Because I’m fucking good at it
Why pretend to be cute? So I can rise up like Beenzino
Boogie on and on, you’re dead if you try peeling off that scalp
I admit that my mixing is shit, but I continuously criticize myself

King Swings was good, but I tear apart again in King Swings
Mad Clown calls you a drugged up fool
(난 딱지 위에 나는 딱지위에 나는 딱지)
(계속 뜯어내고 딲지 내 딱질 니 혀에 박지)
Swallow that forcefully and shit it out?
And who eats the shit on the plate is Simon D
You little fucking maggot. You can’t defeat me without magic
(또 김구리, 진증권, 또 사유리의 말빨에 최신)
It’s only possible for you if you had a translator in your head

Go to a gay bar with Simon D and Primary
I’m not done with you yet, hold on to your box and hang on
I can unbox his head? He’s just a fool
When I landed a big deal, who was the most sensitive fucking
Biaaaaatch, no way. biaaaaaatch okay
You’re Amoeba’s fuckin lurker, the biggest slave and towel
I don’t understand why I attacked Dead’P
Someone buy Dead’P some alcohol, he’s much better than this bitch
Sun Ju Kyung (Ugly Duck), listen to me and put your hands in the air

I love you bro, but you need to step up your game
Rhymer hyung, Rhymer hyung, I can’t snap out of it,
They were right all along, I was born a retard
I’ll leave if you want me to leave, please don’t get it twisted
But if I was charged, I don’t know who would carry my burden
J.Tong, I did everything you wanted me to do
If I fuck up, let me into your company

Like a man, fuck all you fuckin haters
You can suck my dick! 
Yeezees, I’m still the strong king believe me,
Fuck TV, all you need to do is a rap.

Get the fuck on my level, hop off my fuckin’ dick
I leave a wack ass rapper more pale than a Russian chick
What’s up with this, I ain’t duckin’ shit, this wasn’t a fuckin’ diss
I ain’t a rope but bitches trip. And now I snuff ’em with
Some bars in a foreign langauage, not hopin’ they vanish

But weep in anguish, cuz their anus hurt. I’m a famous jerk, I’ll take ur shirt
And ur ride and ur work never mind i settle for her for better or worse
God made and sent me here. Although I would love to
Get these rappers’ fuckin bentleys smeared

I let the jealousy diffuse watch it run down the drain
I know i am confused alcohol meltin my brains
The kid is wayne the asain version and suprisingly taller
They say i won Ironicly without a fucking single dollar
I dont even make sense boy
Just lettin the mind wander

Trynna figure out what it was that i was onto
Oh now i understand. Im cookin an ugly duck.
If Any other animal come u kno i Fuck em up
This ur boy swings spittin across the Globe.
If u think a bird fuck me stop thinkin just let it go


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