SIMS X QM - 한국힙합 tracklist

SIMS X QM reveal tracklist and track ‘Upgrade’ off upcoming mixtape ‘한국힙합’ (Korean Hiphop)

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Jungle Entertainment’s SIMS and Safari Crew’s QM are going to release the mixtape ‘한국힙합’ [Korean Hiphop] together.

Both are part of the Royal Class Crew and they are planning to release this mixtape as a project. Before its release, they have revealed the track ‘Upgrade’ and the mixtape’s tracklist. The title track ‘진흙 속에서 피는 꽃’ [The Flower Blooming in the Mud] features Vasco and ‘돈키호테’ [Don Quixote] features Kebee and Royal Class’ singer Roydo. The whole mixtape will be released within a week.

1. 진흙 속에서 피는 꽃 [The Flower Blooming in the Mud] (Feat. Vasco)
original by The Quiett feat. MC Meta, Kebee
2. 성장통 [Growing Pains].
original by Swings
3. 노장 [Veteran] (QM Solo)
original by Vasco
4. 투올더힙합키즈 투 [To All The Hiphop Kids Two].
original by Verbal Jint
5. 돈키호테 [Don Quixote] (Feat. Roydo, Kebee)
original by P-Type feat. Wheesung
6. I’mma Shine (SIMS Solo)
original by Dok2 feat. Mr. Gordo
7. Upgrade
original by Swings
8. 소문의 거리 [The Rumored Streets].
original by Garion

Produced by SIMS, QM
Lyrics by SIMS, QM
Mixed by Go Daesung
Art by AGonMily


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Source: ROKHipHop