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Show Me the Money 5 – HiphopKR Recap (Episode 6)

In Show Me The Money by Andrew

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Check out our exclusive recap of “Show Me the Money 5” Episode 5: Passionate Goodbye (aired on June 17)… Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The episode starts with the contestants who matched with their respective producer teams (see our Episode 5 recap for the matched artists).  The next contestant up for matching is rapper BewhY, who states he is struggling to choose between Team Illionaire and Team AOMG.  On the other side are Team AOMG and Team YG who stands behind the door hoping to be matched with BewhY:


As the door opens, Simon Dominic and GRAY are surprised to see that BewhY had been standing behind their door.  The AOMG producers celebrate and express their gratitude toward BewhY.  On the flip-side, Team YG remain quiet with disappointment.  Kush states, “I was almost certain that BewhY would choose us for claiming first place in the producer stage event.”

At this point, the following is the roster for each team:

  • The Quiett & Dok2: Kim Hyo-eun, Flowsik, myunDo, and Superbee
  • Simon Dominic & GRAY: Day Day (David Kim), BewhY, G2 (1 spot remaining)
  • Gill & Mad Clown: Boy B, Sharp Gun (2 spots remaining)
  • Zion.T & Kush: CJAMM, Reddy & Killagramz (1 spot remaining)


For those who remained unmatched (9 contestants) were given another opportunity to choose a team of their choice.  The following are the artists who chose to stand behind the following producer team doors (and the contestants bolded in red are those that were selected to join the team):

  • Team YG: Seo Chul Goo, Hash Swan, and Miss LA
  • Team AOMG: ONE, and Lee Taek-min
  • Team Gil & Mad Clown: Giant Pink, Sanchez, Jo Heechul, and Donutman

This finalizes the roster for each team! 16 contestants total (4 members for each team):


The four teams reunite in just ten days after completing the team selection process.  The first mission/contest involves a team stage performance, where each contestant will be graded on their ability to work with the team, as well as their individuality as artists.  At the end of the mission, one contestant from each team will be eliminated from the show.

The first team to perform is Team AOMG (Simon Dominic & GRAY).  As a team building exercise and to prepare for the first team mission, the six artists head to Yeongjongdo (an island off the west coast of Incheon, South Korea).  The producers offer a ride to BewhY and G2 and awkwardly leaves ONE and Day Day behind…


We soon find out that the team will be riding on their ATVs (all terrain vehicle) at their destination.  Members ONE and Day Day, who do NOT have a driver’s license, are unable to drive but instead ride behind the producer as a passenger.


During this trip, ONE is once again complemented on his good looks which bothers the artist (ONE wants to be recognized for his musical talent, not because of his physical appearance).  To add more fuel to the fire, the producers were informed of the “artist who is most likely to be eliminated from Team AOMG” as per the other three teams.  To no surprise, Simon Dominic states, “ONE, it’s you.”  ONE acknowledges this as he admits that his performances from round 1, 2 and 3 preliminary auditions were all weak.

As the team members enjoy their meal, producers Simon Dominic and GRAY continue to look serious and grim.  When prompted by the MNET staff, Simon Dominic delivers the bad news to the team:  A team member will be replaced by a contestant who was previously eliminated from the show.

Explanation: from the “Producer Stage Performance,” Team AOMG received the least amount of votes by contestants, but earned the most votes from the general audience that night.  Therefore, Simon Dominic and GRAY were given the chance to replace an existing team member with a contestant who was eliminated from the show.

Simon Dominic states, “We are required to replace one of you.”  Immediately the team members stop eating with a look of disappointment.


Things start to click in for the four members – ONE is likely the one to be replaced (based on the questions asked during the trip, the car ride, etc).  As the “eliminated” artist walks in, the team members brighten up to find out that the rapper was LOCO (of AOMG) and that it was just a mere prank pulled by Team AOMG.


Simon Dominic reveals that Team AOMG did not actually win the most votes from the audience.  He jokes, “We are forever last place.”  The producers reveal the track (produced by GRAY) that the team will be using for their team performance.  The theme of the track is the expression that “I am no longer the person you knew me as.”  Check out the performance below:

Comments from the producers:

  • Gill: “I really, really enjoyed BewhY’s verse.  ONE, you were great today.”
  • The Quiett: “BewhY really has an impact through his rap.

Unfortunately, both G2 and Day Day forgets their lyrics during the performance, which will affect Simon Dominic and GRAY’s decision to eliminate one of the members.  Upon thorough assessment of the performance, the producers make a decision: Day Day (David Kim) is eliminated from the team.

Next up is Team Illionaire: MyunDo, Superbee, Kim Hyo-eun, and Flowsik.  The episode once again flashes back to the pre-performance, where the four meet up and are taken to an unknown destination.  During this car ride, both myunDo and Superbee note that Kim Hyo-eun is not much of a talker.  At the end of the stop are Dok2 and The Quiett, waiting in the midst of nature at the Do-Deok Mountain Park (translation: City Morals).  The Quiett explains that this mountain is from their hometown (Gwang-myeong) and that he used to go hiking in this mountain frequently as a kid.  Interestingly, “Do-Deok” is also a pun to the names Dok2 and The Quiett (trying saying the first syllables of each name out loud: Do, TheQ=Duck=Deok).


The team members receive a video text from the producers, who states that the first member to reach the top of the mountain (where they are currently located) will be receiving a special gift from them.  Immediately, the four begin running to the top (and the members are surprised by Kim Hyo-eun’s efforts). In the end, Kim Hyo-eun wins the race.  The prize: a ride in Dok2’s Rolls Royce Ghost.


In the luxury car, we learn that Kim Hyo-eun’s rap career was inspired by The Quiett and Dok2.  He enjoys rapping over boom-bap style beats, but is willing to try trap.  However, The Quiett advises him to stay conservative as there is a risk of underperformance from trying out new styles.

The team heads to the next destination: Illionaire Records headquarters.  Kim Hyo-eun is surprised once again with the real gift for being the first to run to the top of the Do-Deok mountain: a brand new Macbook Air.

"I'm writing my lyrics only in this Macbook Air. Thank you Illionaire Records!"

“I’m writing all my rap lyrics with this Macbook Air. Thank you Illionaire Records!”

Following the celebration, The Quiett and Dok2 reveals the beat that the team will be using for their performance: a boom-bap beat that transitions to trap.  The Quiett advises the team to perform in the following order: Kim Hyo-eun (boom-bap), Superbee (boom-bap), MyunDo (trap), and Flowsik (trap).  Everyone except for Superbee are satisfied with this order.  Superbee asks if he could rap his verse over the trap beat, but that is quickly shut down by the producers.

Similar to Team AOMG’s exercise with their members, The Quiett and Dok2 mentions the weakest link suggested by the other contestants: Kim Hyo-eun.  The rapper acknowledges and admits that he predicted this as he has yet to show his everything as an artist.

Check out the performance below:

Comments from the producers:

  • Mad Clown: “I got goosebumps as soon as I heard Flowsik’s tone.”
  • Gill: “I thought your performance today has been your best so far.
  • Simon Dominic, “I was a bit jealous, because none of y’all made any mistakes…”

After much contemplation, The Quiett and Dok2 choose to eliminate Kim Hyo-eun.  As the artist leaves the stage, The Quiett and Dok2 expresses that “he has a future because he’s good at rapping… let’s help him.”  Expect some Illionaire X Kim Hyo-eun collaboration in the future!

The next team is Team YG (Zion.T and Kush): CJAMM, Seo Chul Goo, Killagramz, and Reddy.  Not surprisingly, Team YG (Zion.T & Kush) prepared their team members a luxurious vacation package to Jeju Island.


The first luxury course featured by YG is horseback riding in a field.  The second luxury course features a yacht tour, where Kush and Zion.T asks each contestant to rap the verse they used during round 1 preliminary auditions.  Killagramz volunteers first, followed by Seo Chul Goo, who is asked to freestyle for the team.  CJAMM comfortably wins the producers over with his verse.  Reddy forgets his lyrics (once again).  During dinner, the producers reveal the beat the team will be using for their stage performance.  CJAMM, Killagramz and Reddy are happy with the beat.  However, Seo Chul Goo is frozen until the end of the track (Kush asks Seo Chul Goo if he was creating his lyrics, to which the artist said he was “drawing his part for the track.”).  Producer Kush mentions that Seo Chul Goo was selected as the “weakest link” of the group according to the contestants from the other teams.  Awkwardness between all team members ensues throughout the rest of the dinner session.  Seo Chul Goo comments, “I’m not mad, but I’m offended.


Later in the evening, Zion.T takes Seo Chul Goo to the side to provide a word of encouragement.  The YG artist suggests, “In order for you to remain on the stage, you need to become a different character.  Don’t think too hard.  I wish that you will do well in the upcoming stage [performance].”  Seo Chul Goo responds, “If you have been disappointed in me, please watch my next performance with even more disappointment… so that I can flip that [disappointment] upside down.”


Back in the studio, the artists record their verse.  Kush is impressed with CJAMM and Reddy’s verses.  However, Killagramz surprises everyone with the unusual flow with his verse.  Seo Chul Goo is the last member to record (as usual).

During stage rehearsal, two particular artists are criticized: Seo Chul Goo (by Zion.T, regarding his movement throughout the stage) and Killagramz (by Kush, regarding his inability to control his pace as he seems to be rushing).

Check out the performance below:

Comments from producers:

  • Dok2, “I heard that Team Zion.T and Kush met five times to practice… I felt like I was watching the awards. It was great.”
  • Gill, “The hook was very catchy, which is no surprise considering it was done by Zion.T
  • Simon Dominic, “I felt like I was watching a musical.

The entire team of producers mention that this team is probably the hardest to choose for eliminating a member  due to the excellent stage performance (with no mistakes in lyrics).  As the contestants wait in the waiting room, Seo Chul Goo is worried that he may be eliminated.  Killagramz reassures him that being eliminated isn’t the end of the world.  The two joke that if they both get eliminated they will move to Los Angeles and make music.

In the end, Team YG chose to eliminate Killagramz.  Zion.T explains, “Killagramz is a character I would like to continue watching, and he’s got potential to become a great musician… but I believe he needs more experience as an artist.”

Killagramz: “To those who are watching Show Me the Money! Thank you! Zion.T hyung, Kush hyung, and the rest of the team – I miss y’all! To the producers and program directors, I already miss the Show Me the Money scene. I want to send out my sincere thanks to those who became a fan through the show. Please continue watching Killagram!

The last team up on stage to perform is Team Gill & Mad Clown: Sanchez, Boy B, Donutman and Sharp Gun.  The producers prepare a Korean barbecue party for their members.


As they sit down to eat, Mad Clown reveals that Sharp Gun and Sanchez listened to the beat two times on their way to the barbecue.  Gill asks why the two were given the opportunity to listen to the beat first, to which Sharp Gun states because they needed more practice.  Mad Clown mentions that Sharp Gun and Sanchez were voted to likely be eliminated in the upcoming round.

After hearing the beat as a group, each member was asked to rap the verse they intend to use for the track.  The look on Gill and Mad Clown’s face become grimmer as the artists share their verse.  Gill advises the members to rewrite their verse.


Two days before the stage performance, the team regroups at a studio, where they meet Korean singer Gummy who would be featured on the track.  However, the producers are still unsatisfied with the revised verses by each artist.  Gill states, “there are no emotions in any of the verses.”  Despite having only two days remaining, Gill suggests to rewrite their verses.


Given the unrealistic timeline, Sanchez steps up to suggest saving this current beat for a future mission and use a different, fast-tempoed, upbeat track for the upcoming stage performance.  The producers honor his request and explores a number of beats.  However, beat after beat, Sanchez continue to ask for more.  Gill becomes irritated, “You guys need to understand that we are your producers, not some people trying to sell our beats.”  The tension in the room finally peaks and Gill leaves the studio.

Comments from the producers:

  • Kush: “The hook was very catchy.
  • Simon Dominic: “I’m proud of Sharp Gun for being able to write, memorize and perform in 2 days.

Before announcing the contestant to be eliminated, Gill asks Sanchez if he made any mistakes during the performance, to which the rapper denies (however, the other contestants noticed his mistake).  In the end, Gill and Mad Clown eliminates Sanchez.

In this post, Sanchez clarifies the following:

  • Two days prior to the performance, Mad Clown and Gill were actually the ones who suggested to change the beat for the performance (this part was edited out from the episode)
  • The change in BPM, change in tracks were all discussed as a group, and not something he had simply suggested each time (MNET’s “Devil’s edit” strikes again!)
  • The comment about Gary of Leessang was made not during the show, but a comment that was made during a separate interview session (Sanchez was implying that only someone lyrically skillful as Gary would be able to write successful lyrics for the original beat)
  • He was nervous during the performance, and as a result, may have been off-beat during his verse.

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