Show Me The Money 4 - tl;dr

Show Me The Money 4 – Episode 1 (tl;dr)

In Show Me The Money by Andrew

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Show Me the Money 4 tl;dr (too long didn’t read) edition.
Warning: Spoilers ahead!

  • Winner of #smtm4 wins 100,000,000 KW (~$90,000 USD)
  • Producer Teams:
    • Producer Team 1: Tablo x Jinusean (YG)
      • Sean’s old age is poked fun by other producers
    • Producer Team 2: Jay Park x LOCO (AOMG)
      • Jay Park: “We beat the other teams in terms of energy and trendiness.”
    • Producer Team 3: San E x Verbal Jint (Brand New Music)
      • Tablo recalls the time in season 3 when San E stated his team > Team YG. San E’s opinion remains the same
    • Producer Team 4: Paloalto x ZICO (???)
      • ZICO: “We are like the Hulk [spontaneous, unpredictable team]”
  • Audition Round 1:
    • Idols eliminated:
      • SIMS (of M.I.B), 5Zic (of M.I.B)
      • Kino (of Offroad)
      • Dasom (of 2EYES)
      • Rhyme (of HELLOVENUS)
      • Park Jiyeon (of GLAM)
    • Idols qualified to round 2:
      • Rabi (of VIXX)
      • Vernon (of Seventeen)
      • One (of 1PUNCH)
      • Kim Minjae (actor from KBS Drama: The Producers)
      • KASPER (friend of KISUM)j
    • Rhythm Power (Amoeba Culture)
      • Gee Guin qualified (Tablo)
      • Haeng Joo eliminated (Tablo)
    • P-Type:
      • Rap mentor of CL and Minzy of 2NE1
      • Maestro of Korean underground hiphop
      • Will show “true Korean hiphop”
      • Qualified (Tablo)
    • Crucial Star:
      • Reveals his artistic family (everyone is a painter except him; chose rap because painting was boring)
      • Forgets lyrics on attempt 1; tries to redeem (and qualify) with attempt 2 … however Tablo states giving him another chance would be unfair to everyone else
      • Eliminated (Tablo)
    • BeWhy
      • Qualified (Sean)
    • Owen Ovadoz
      • Eliminated on season THREE (against GIRIBOY)
      • Qualified (Paloalto)
    • Black Nut
      • Artist of Just Music Entertainment (with Swings, Vasco, Giriboy and Nochang)
      • Eliminated on season TWO (audition round 1?)
      • Ultimate troll
      • Qualified (ZICO)
    •  Innovator
      • Teaches rap for artists at FNC Entertainment (including Jimin of AOA from Unpretty Rapstar)
      • Qualified
    • Jeong Sang Soo
      • Season 3: qualified to Team YDG; eliminated due to misconduct
      • San E impressed with his rap, but hesitant about qualifying him due to past behavior
      • Qualified (San E)
    • New Champ and Ja Mezz (results undisclosed!)
    • Heo Inchang
      • Season 2 contestant; past mentor of Yook Jidam of Unpretty Rapstar
      • Qualified (Paloalto)
    • Song Minho (of WINNER)
      • States that he will remove his “idol mask” as a rapper for Show Me The Money 4
      • Judged by ZICO
      • Results revealed on episode 2
    • Woo Taewoon
      • ZICO’s older brother
      • Results revealed on episode 2
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