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Show Me The Lyrics #3

In Show Me The Money by Lena

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This week we’ve got the epic battle of Wonjae Woo versus Ignito, and we’re taking a look at the writing skills of Sleepy and Asol.

Note: Only a few artists’ lyrics were selected as there is unfortunately not enough time to discuss all of them. They were chosen from the videos available on Mnet’s official YouTube channel of which some are edited, shortened versions of the performances as seen in the episode and others unedited videos showing complete performances.
The content of this weekly series will change depending on what the show has to offer, e.g. great punchlines will probably come only in the later part of the show during battles or similar tasks.

Wonjae Woo vs. Ignito: Word has it that this was the most epic battle in the history of the show so we cannot be missing out on this, can we?
Sleepy: His autobiographic content is on point, and (if you haven’t so far) it is time to finally take notice of this steady rapper who’s been around for over a decade.
Asol: Well-known in hiphop communities online, Asol is now showing off her skills on TV as she beats Penomeco and takes everyone by surprise.

Wonjae Woo vs Ignito

As soon as this aired, many called it the most epic battle. (Can’t mention this often enough.) And rightly so.
In this series we have already taken a closer look at each of these two contestants’ lyrics, so you should have a gist of what is about to come.
In one corner, with his unique flow that sounds like he’s giving a speech, newly discovered amateur rapper Wonjae Woo.
In the other corner, veteran Ignito who’s showing off his textbook rap and who is experiencing a little re-discovery through the show.
As the first round ended in a tie, the two also did a second one of which Mnet actually uploaded a full, uncensored video! (Thank you Mnet!) However, the lyrics for that second round are unfortunately only partly available, so we will go with the first round here for which the lyrics are easily accessible and, mind you, no less impressive.

Wonjae Woo

I learned it by force, you say: “How’s that by force, man?”
Of course it’s by force, what else? I’m sick and tired of it man
I lower my hat and walk looking at the ground
Today’s weather is not important to me, I just wander around here and there, today too I’m __ busy

억지로 배웠지 나 넌 말해 그게 뭔 억지야 임마
그럼 억지지 아님 뭐야 지겹다 지겹다 임마
난 창 낮추고 바닥 보고 걷지 굳이 오늘 날씨는
내게 중요치가 않지 그지 나 이곳저곳 쏘다녔지 오늘도 __ busy

It’s still dark, the Hongdae streets too
I’m keep my distance from a friend who I was once close with, so that he will abandon me naturally
Your words are embarrassing, the thing that is getting more and more frightening
is that I’m still f*cking young but have so much to say

여전히 어둡더라 홍대 거리도
예전엔 친했던 친구 이제는 거리 둬 자연스럽게 네가 나를 버리도록
창피하지 네 말이 점점 무서워지는 게
(좃)도 안 먹은 나인데 점점 내 말이 길어지는 게

The older I get the more shit is in my head but they call that wisdom
(Why) do they take the fantasies of people who have been living quietly and well?
Why did you give me courage? Me who has been living quietly and well
Let me ask this once, you ___

나 나이 먹을수록 똥 찬다는데 그게 지혜 같더라고
(왜) 가만히 잘사는 인간들 낭만 챙겨주는지
왜 가만히 잘 살던 내게 용기를 줬었는지
함 물어나 보자고 이 __

__ in the air __
__ I don’t know English __
Give me room to breathe too
Let me get some air through my windpipe (you sons of b*tches) ay

__ in the air __
__ 나 영어 몰라 __
숨 좀 쉬자고 나도
숨통 좀 틔자 (이 개새끼들아) ay


Streets entangled in greed, over them hangs a chaos
of dense spider webs aiming for weak, nice prey
The culprit of all incidents sells a noble, old-fashioned justice
A politician hurling with superficial rights and interests

욕망이 뒤엉킨 거리는 정신없이 그 위를 거니는
나약하고 착한 먹이를 노리는 촘촘한 거미줄
모든 사건의 범인은 숭고하고 낡은 정의를 팔아
천박한 권익으로 집어던지는 정치꾼

Their cheap instincts are plated with a shallow reason
that blindly chases nothing but fame and money
After stuffing them all into the blazing furnace,
boil them in a hot mold and pour them all off

오직 명예와 돈을 맹목적으로 쫓는
얄팍한 이성으로 도금된 그들의 값싼 본능
모두 타오르는 용광로 안에 다 쏘다 넣은 후
뜨거운 거푸집에 펄펄 끊여 부어내 전부

Ignito evidently did get a bit of a raw deal here with the editing, but trying to be fair, his lyrics are denser and didn’t have any beeps.
Lyrics and style considered, Ignito makes use of the old-school rhyming, flow, and metaphors-also note his perfect pronunciation and delivery-while Wonjae Woo works with the nowadays popular “straightforward and honest” lyrics, cusswords, and day-to-day, personal elements. Content-wise though, both rappers are complaining or pointing out something in society that they are unhappy with: Wonjae seems to be rapping about the human condition and interhuman relationships, Ignito about the hiphop/music scene.
The reason why this battle is epic is not only that both are great rappers, it is also their stark differences that make this interesting-and difficult for the producers. What speaks for Wonjae Woo are his freshness, his potential, and his quite unique flow which seems to offer more leeway than Ignito’s comparatively static rapping.


Sleepy makes us feel all nostalgic as he takes us back to Jiggy Fellaz times. Jiggy Fellaz was a large-scale crew with several sub-teams. The members included for example D.Action, Basick, Innovator, LE (at the time: ELLY), Simon Dominic and E SENS, and Vasco (now: Bill Stax). Maniac, who is competing this season as well, was also a member as part of UPT (Uptown).

Remember that I was [part of] Jiggy Fellaz
A crew like Illionaire, Hi-Lite, and Vismajor now
Hiphop has become a major market
Everyone and their mother are rushing in

Remember that I was Jiggy Fellaz
지금의 Illionaire, Hi-Lite, Vismajor같은 crew
이제는 힙합 음악이 주류 시장이 됐어
개나 소나 덤벼들어

My opponents are __ who have no respect for me just because I did some pop rap
Y’all should be thankful to Show Me The Money
It has given rappers the chance to earn more money

가요 랩 좀 했다고 respect없는 __들은 상대죠
너네들은 Show Me The Money에
감사해라 래퍼들의 늘어난 돈벌이

Even without an expensive car and 2 chainz and Rollies
The hearts of girls flutter when they see me
If you’re uncool, admit to it
Or apply for __ online, yeah

비싼 차 2 chainz and Rollies 따위
없어도 여자들은 나를 보면 심쿵 하지
(간지)가 안 나면은 인정해
아니면은 인터넷에서 __ 신청해 yeah

Each month, hundreds of albums come out
In this generation where everything is short-lived, I’ve already been rapping for more than ten years
Sleepy, I show and prove the impossible
Believe in me and listen, no doubt man

Yeah, Sleepy the sensation

한 달에 백 개씩 쏘다지는 앨범
급변하는 이 시대에 벌써 십수 년 차 래퍼
슬리피 노답 보여주고 증명해 show and prove
믿고 들어 no doubt man

Yeah, Sleepy the sensation

While Sleepy is easy to overlook among all the flashy contestants, his rapping was steady and sound, as to be expected, and in his lyrics he points out a few facts worth considering. While he does not use any fancy metaphors or rhyming, it is simply interesting to hear his perspective on the major changes that the scene has experienced recently.
Since most of you already used this lame pun, it should be safe to say: Don’t sleep on Sleepy!


Asol (real name: Ansol) first impressed with her voice and powerful presence, but taking a closer look at her lyrics is worth it. Apparently she has been writing lyrics since the age of sixteen after dropping out of middle school. Korean hiphop fans already discussed her verse online, some impressed by it, others finding it childish. Get your own idea of it here:

MNC is gold digger
Instead of digging for gold I dug up a huge uranium mine
Preparing to become Little Boy
and f*ck ’em all up

MNC is gold digger
금은 안 캐고 거대한 우라늄을 캐버렸어
리틀보이가 될 준비를 해
다 (좆) 되라고

My Facebook [account] is a bestseller
My lyrics are all ma son[s]
I give them all names [and they’re] ___ nobel prize nominees

내 Facebook은 베스트셀러
내 가사는 all ma son
죄다 이름을 지어 ___ 노벨 수상자

The one from yesterday is worth ten mil won
The one from the day before is at the top of the Billboard charts
Tomorrow I’ll have several hundred mil followers

어제 걘 천만 원짜리
그제 걘 빌보드 탑
내일은 억 단위 팔로워

Look at me now
I’m receiving your hate instead
It is my time now

Look at me now
네 미움을 내가 대신 받아
이제 나의 시기야

Ma name is ma name
Ma rap is ma rap
There is still room until 100
This is merely one percent

Ma name is ma name
Ma rap is ma rap
백을 채우려면 아직 부족해
이건 고작 일 퍼센트

Last week, Ato already impressed with her performance, and now Asol. Let’s hope that Mnet will show more of these talented female contestants.
As for Asol’s verse here; she has some references, a few fresh metaphors and wordplays .. Personally, I found it quite witty that she calls her lyrics her “sons” and has them “nominated for nobel prizes,” while the Little Boy metaphor was not exactly my cup of tea. What did you think?

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