San E - Show You The Money cover

San E Releases “Show You The Money”

In News by Andrew

After airing the third episode of  MNET’s hip-hop survival show SHOW ME THE MONEY, Brand New Music artist San E dropped his latest track titled “Show You The Money” on YouTube.

The community speculates that “Show You The Money” is a diss track towards 1LLIONAIRE Records:

u want some 본토느낌 dawg im from a-town
발음 좀 꼬고 speak some more english
미국유행하는 플로우
그대로 갖다베껴
u think u following trend
u dont even know what trap is like

컨셉 플로우 드럼 소스 dawg u just copying shit
가요 랩 지랄 너넨 표절 불법 샘플 shit
랩도 존나 더더더 병신 talkin about hip hop shit
좋던 싫던 대한 민국 살면 내꺼 들어 bitch

Check out the rest of the track below: