San E, KRS-One and Twelve International Hiphop Artists Release #HIPHOPISHIPHOP MV

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Earlier today, Brand New Music artist San E revealed the music video for his international hip-hop project titled #HIPHOPISHIPHOP featuring 14 international emcees from 14 different countries worldwide.

The project features American rapper and producer KRS-One, as well as thirteen other emcees with a collective purpose of representing hiphop as a whole, regardless of ethnicity and language. Check out the official Billaboard article for the complete story behind the international project.

The project features the following emcees from around the globe:

  • San E (South Korea)
  • KRS-One (United States)
  • Redrama (Finland)
  • Mr. Phormula (Redrama)
  • Julian Nagano (Japan)
  • Adx (India)
  • Strike the Head (Italy)
  • Frenkie (Bosnia)
  • Mr. Skin (Taiwan)
  • Pendekar (Singapore)
  • Valete (Portugal)
  • Yacko (Indonesia)
  • SadmAnn (Bangladesh)
  • Deeb (Egypt)