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Rex.D diagnosed with leukemia to release new album ‘#불편해’

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Rapper Rex.D who has recently been diagnosed with leukemia will release a new double single today at midnight KST titled ‘#불편해’ [#Uncomfortable].
Until right before he found out that he has leukemia and was hospitalized, Rex.D worked on this album, its music video, and so on.
The double single is made up of two tracks. The title track ‘#불편해’ [#Uncomfortable] is a sweet duet about a comfortable but at the same time uncomfortable relationship of two people who are closer than friends. This track, which is already known to Rex.D’s fans as a solo track, was reborn thanks to Miss $ member Kang Minhee who maximized the feelings you get from listening to the song. The song’s lyrics express the situation and feelings in detail, and its music is made up of an acoustic guitar sound with refined hiphop drums.
The second track ‘더 BAD’ [The BAD / BADder] is based on ‘BAD BOY’ which Rex.D performed two years ago with J’Kyun on Show Me The Money 2. It was remade into a solo track of Rex.D’s which clearly tells of the feelings he has had in the last few years in the Korean hiphop scene.
This double single album was produced by Jin Daeho of Punch Sound who has worked with Rex.D before on ‘TO VIOLET’ and ‘Shawty Don’t Stop’.

Meanwhile, Rex.D has expressed his gratitude: “I promise that I will recover as soon as possible to perform on stage the new songs that are going to be released today. I will live thinking of the countless people who are looking for hope while undergoing painful chemotherapy even now. Thank you.”


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