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Part 4 of E SENS’ documentary ‘I’M GOOD’ revealed, possible single release in May

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Earlier today, beasts and natives have revealed the fourth part of E SENS’ documentary ‘I’M GOOD’, and mentioned a possible upcoming single release to hiphop news site RHYTHMER.

This episode of the documentary shows how Kim Ximya, E SENS’ labelmate and the only featuring artist on ‘The Anecdote’, accepts the award for the Best Rap & Hiphop Album at the Korean Music Awards 2016 in E SENS’ stead. All he said was “SENS-hyung, congratulations,” and the documentary shows how he later expresses his sadness about E SENS not being there to accept his award: “Had SENS-hyung been there, he would have said something way cooler, it’s a pity.”

Kim Ximya is part of the team XXX together with producer FRNK, who also appears in the video (in the beginning and sitting in the car next to Kim Ximya). They are releasing their debut album at the end of this month.

Before the ending credits, they call E SENS’ mother to tell her about his son’s award.

Then, there is a surprise video from Obi, the producer of ‘The Anecdote’, in which he remembers recording the album with E SENS and sends his greetings, saying that he cannot wait to work with E SENS again. Obi filmed the video with his smartphone in August last year right before the album release. As if he knew that the album would be a big hit, he says: “I’m just happy people get to hear this album finally, ’cause they need to hear it.”
He also plays a brief excerpt of an unreleased song. The title is ‘쉬게’,1)This most likely translates to ‘Rest’ as in ‘to have a rest’. it has previously been played in the documentary and E SENS has performed it at concerts before. It is know that this song had been omitted from ‘The Anecdote’ and many fans are hoping for an official release.
BANA representatives say that E SENS had already recorded the track and that they are currently considering to release it as a single in May.

RHYTHMER also mentions that apparently E SENS was told about his album selling more than 18,000 times and winning an award, and was, obviously, very happy about it.

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Sources: R.O.K Hiphop, RHYTHMER


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