Overclass to release 10-year anniversary album

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Here is all you need to know about Overclass Crew with Verbal Jint, Swings, and San E, and their pending comeback.

Overclass logo and album covers

OVC’s old logo and the album covers with the mascots (Source)

The crew first appeared in 2007 at an event by Hiphopplaya called ‘Fresh Live’. The name ‘Overclass‘ is the title of Verbal Jint’s song of the same name off his first album ‘Modern Rhymes‘ (2001). The crew name is shortened as OVC. They have released three full-length albums: ‘Collage 1‘ (2008), ‘Collage 2‘ (2009), and ‘Collage 3‘ (2010). The album covers showed mascots that were even given names: ‘양놈’ (sheep guy), ‘상곰’ (top bear), and ‘시바놈’ (Shiba guy).
In 2012, San E and Kjun participated in the album ‘Beatz By Fame-J: Sniper Sound Vs Over Class‘ where they battled Leo Kekoa and illinit (who were both with Snipersound at the time) on Factory Boi producer Fame-J‘s beats.

In 2014, Verbal Jint uploaded a photo of the crew and a video of the reunion at Back in the Day was uploaded on Overclass’ official YouTube channel, announcing upcoming activities which the members worked on for three years until now.

For their ten-year anniversary, all crew members got together with permission from their respective labels to create an anniversary album for which they founded a joint corporation called ‘Overclass Crew’. The members are:

  • Verbal Jint
  • Swings
  • San E
  • Jo Hyunah (of Urban Zakapa)
  • Warmman (CEO of Grandline Entertainment, leader of the crew)
  • RIMI (also released music under her real name Nam Soorim)
  • XEPI (producer, has worked with Wheesung, As One, Kanto, Davichi, Son Hoyoung, Pretty Brown, etc.)
  • Kjun (CEO of All I Know Music (label of Giant Pink) under Mystic Entertainment, host of Rapper Car)
  • b-soap (alternative rapper, has released six albums)
  • LOBOTOMY (Youngcook, produced Minje‘s ‘Mayday, Mayday, Mayday’, Swings’ ‘Bulldozer’)
  • Soojoon Kim (drummer, has worked with Crush, Lee Seung-hwan Band, Jeong Won-yeong Band)
  • NODO (rapper, producer and DJ, has released nine albums, composed for Heo Inchang and Bizniz)
  • Crybaby (singer, hiphop/R&B producer, director of fashion brand ALLEYESONYOU)
  • (Krucifix) Kricc (has released seven albums, composed and arranged Swings’ ‘나한테 그러지 마 (Feat. The Quiett)‘ off ‘Growing Pains‘)
  • Delly Boi (producer, has worked with EXO, Block B, Dean, etc.)

(Previous members are D.String, 우주선 (Giant and Von), JNPB aka J.Clacci & PB (JA and Pento), Steady B, and LOBOTOMY’s former member haduri.)

Overclass logo

OVC’s new logo

According to the crew’s official Facebook pagetwo singles off their upcoming anniversary album are going to be released starting next week. The page also hints at the next album title being ‘Collage 4‘.

While waiting for the release, browse Overclass’ old YouTube channel and definitely check out the iconic ‘Come to OVC‘ off ‘Collage 3’!



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Sources: Namu Wiki, KoreaDaily

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