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[NEWS] Tiger JK Prevents Accident During Performance At WEC

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[MyDaily Reporter: Choi Jiyae]

Earlier this week, Korean hiphop artists Tiger JK, Yoonmirae (T, Tasha) and Bizzy performed with Far East Movement at 2012 World Electronica Carnival (WEC).

On August 11th, Tiger JK, Yoonmirae and Bizzy performed at World Electronica Carnival in Gyeonggi-do and received positive response from the crowd.  However, an unforeseen event occurred during the trio’s performance. During their performance, the stage fence collapsed in front of Tiger JK.

A WEC representative commented, “The fence was about to collapse towards the crowd, but luckily Tiger JK held onto the falling fence until the security arrived.  Tiger JK handled the situation quickly and professionally which prevented the near-miss accident.”

WEC main act Far East Movement collaborated with their long-time idols Tiger JK and Yoonmirae and received a positive response from the crowd.

After the concert, Far East Movement tweeted, “It was an honor performing on the same stage with Tiger JK and Yoonmirae” and retweeted many of the tweets by Tiger JK and Yoonmirae.

In the past, Tiger JK and Yoonmirae collaborated with Far East Movement in a remix track titled “Live My Life” and are further collaborating in the future.

Watch a footage from the concert featuring Tiger JK, Yoonmirae and Bizzy below:

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Edit: Check out the footage of the near-miss accident here: