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[NEWS] Music Label ‘Soul Company’ Official Disbandment

In News by Andrew

This is indeed a sad news for Korean hip-hop fans.

Soul Companya Korean hip-hop label that produced, advocated, and supported Korean underground hip-hop artists in since 2004has recently released an official statement regarding the company’s disbandment.  Soul Company will be holding a final concert at AX-KOREA on November 27 (2011) before the disbandment.

Soul Company will be releasing a number of albums:  Mad Clown‘s solo album, Soul Company mix-tape, and Soul Company <Best Of> compilation album will be available by the end of November.

Below is an official video posted by Soul Company‘s Keebee and Jerry.k announcing the disbandment of Soul Company:

[Source: HipHopPlaya]

Soul Company‘s artists include: Eluphant (Kebee & Minos), Fana, RHYME-A-, Loquence (Makesense & Jerry.k), D.C, Crucial Star, Pento, Mad Clown, DJ Wegun, DJ Dopsh, Vida Loca, Elapse, G-Slow and Prima Vista.