E SENS - Back In Time MV screenshots

[NEWS] E-Sens reveals MV teaser for his upcoming single “Back In Time”

In News by Andrew

Earlier today, rapper E-Sens revealed the MV teaser for his title track “Back In Time” from his upcoming solo album [The Anecdote].

In this short 20-second teaser, the video features scenes from the upcoming MV and was first revealed on the “Beast and Natives” website.

The MV showcases E-Sens’ simple and quiet hometown in the North Kyeonsang province. You can check it out below:

Prior to dropping his new single, E-Sens will be featured on SBS Power FM (107.8 MHz) “After Club” hosted by DJ Soulscape and will be providing more detail about his upcoming album [The Anecdote].

His single “Back in Time” will drop on September 30 on the “Beast and Natives” website as well as various music portal sites.

[ Source | ROKHIPHOP ]