Tiger JK

[NEWS] Drunken Tiger’s Tiger JK featured on Los Angeles Times

In News by Andrew

[Photo source: DrunkenCamp]

Drunken Tiger’s Tiger JK was featured in the entertainment section of Los Angeles Times on December 2, the same day him and his Jungle Entertainment family held a US Concert in JK’s hometown, Los Angeles.  If you’re not familiar with Tiger JK’s past and present music career, the LA Times article is an excellent source, so be sure to read it.  This is my favourite part of the article:

“Today, I can see Korean MCs communicating with American MCs and producers, and I can start to hear people copying little things like our samples or styles,” he said. “I want to win a Grammy and say ‘thank you’ in Korean.” – Tiger JK

If you want more information and photos about the Jungle Entertainment concert, there are two excellent articles from LA Weekly and DrunkenCamp.com (here, and here).