Crucial Star - Flat Shoes (Feat. Lovey) album cover

[NEWS] Crucial Star To Release New Single ‘Flat Shoes’

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Grandline Entertainment’s Crucial Star will be releasing his upcoming single ‘Flat Shoes (feat. Lovey)’ on November 12.

The single ‘Flat Shoes’ originates from Crucial Star’s first mixtape [Drawing #1: A Dream Spokesman]. Crucial Star commented, “‘Flat Shoes’ was the title track for my first mixtape. The track was a hit, so I wanted to release an official version of the track. With the help of BrotherSu, we created an acoustic version of the track.”

The track is produced by RealCollabo’s BrotherSu and features RealCollabo’s Lovey, and will be released on November 12, 2012.

Check out the original version of the track ‘Flat Shoes’ from his mixtape below:

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