ZZAPA - 새로워져 (New Days) (Feat. Microdot) cover

ZZAPA releases single and MV ‘New Days (새로워져) (Feat. Microdot)’

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Producer and rapper ZZAPA (짜파) has released the single album ‘New Days (새로워져)’ today at noon KST.
After the release of his first album ‘Free Your Heart’ in August last year, he has been showing his very own wide musical spectrum and thus gained a solid fanbase with high expectations towards his new work.
‘New Days (새로워져)’ is perfectly seasoned with soul and funk sounds, a cheerful song that can be listened to at ease. The hook’s melody that keeps resounding in your ears is especially impressing. Added to this is Microdot’s calm and clean rapping (very unlike his usual energetic voice) and ZZAPA’s distinctive tone.
The music video’s animations were made by Ok Gihun (옥기헌).

Composed by ZZAPA
Lyrics by ZZAPA, Microdot, Sanchez
Arranged by ZZAPA



Source: ROKHipHop