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Zodiac releases mixtape ‘헤드셋 MIC’ [Headset MIC]

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Zodiac has recorded this mixtape with a Samsung headset because he feels it is pathetic when amateur rappers blame their equipment for not producing better sounds. Read on to listen and download!

He said: “I want ‘Don’t blame your equipment’ to be put in every article about this mixtape so that as many amateur rappers as possible see and listen to this.”


Mixed by 심술 (Shimsool)
Artwork by 강준구 (Kang Joon-goo)


01. 수 미 칩 [Sumi Chips] (Feat. Yolo, Gimme Myne)
(beat: Blunted beat – To the Top)

02. Fly to the sky
(beat: Blunted beat – So Beautiful)

03. In my pocket
(beat: The Quiett – 닿을수 있다면 [If I Could Reach])

04. Morning Freestyle
(beat: Blunted beat – Visions)

05. 성공해서 2년후에 [Two Years after Succeeding] (Feat. Gimme Myne)
(beat: Blunted beat – What A Day)

06. 수 학 [Maths] (Skit)

07. 수준을 높여놔 [Raise the Level] (Feat. 2kup, 니미넴 [Neeminem])
(beat: Blunted beat – My City)

08. 양심도 없는 Girl [Girl Without a Conscience] (Feat. Pann)
(beat: Giriboy – 한잔해요 [Let’s Have a Drink])

09. 5 O’clock
(beat. T-Pain – 5 O’clock)

10.지켜줄게 [I’ll Protect You].
(beat: Giriboy – 지켜줄게 [I’ll Protect You])

11. School Life
(beat: Paloalto – 발자국 [Footprints])





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