Zick Jasper - EXHIBITION Mixtape #1 (cover)

Zick Jasper releases ‘EXHIBITION Mixtape #1’

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Zick Jasper has finally released his ‘EXHIBITION Mixtape #1’ today. All tracks were produced personally by him. The album seems like he is showing off the variety of the ten tracks at an exhibition.

The music videos for the tracks ‘Zick Jasper’ and ‘HUNGRY (Feat. Wutan, Don Mills‘ have already been released. The album features Wutan, Don Mills, Nucksal, Qwala, Zick Jasper’s fellow group member SIMS, rapper Ed-two who’s active in LA, singer ZEE, Royal Class’ Roydo and more.

01. Zick Jasper
02. 빌보배긴스 [Bilbo Baggins].
03. RUN Muthaxxxxx (Feat. SIMS)
04. HUNGRY (Feat. Wutan, Don Mills)
05. MON스TEㅓ [Monster].
06. 지옥은 뜨거워 [Hell is Hot] (Feat. Roydo)
07. 007빵 [007 Bang] (Feat. Qwala, Nucksal)
08. Seoul To La (Feat. Ed-Two, ZEE)
09. Chillin on my bed (Feat. Roydo)
10. Smokin Blues (Feat. Nop.k)

All produced by Zick Jasper
Mixed By Jungjin @ J’s Atelier
Mastered by Sung Jihoon @ JFS Mastering
Music video ‘Zick Jasper’ by August Frogs
Music video ‘HUNGRY (Feat. Wutan, Don Mills)’ by Choi Kanghoon



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