YumDDa - 살아숨셔 (cover)

YumDDa releases first full-length album ‘살아숨셔’ and MV

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Rapper YumDDa has released his first full-length album ‘살아숨셔’ (Alive and Breathing) today, along with the music video for the track ‘그럼 YES’ (Then, YES).

YumDDa has been active in the scene for a long time, doing a variety of musical activities. His know-how and life experience both play a role in this full-length album that emphasizes YumDDa’s trademark: lyrics full of vigor, verbatim, alive and breathing.
They are words that have supported him during his ups and downs in life and he hopes that they will bring hope to everyone who listens to the album. The duty he felt as an adult upon hearing of his father’s death, life that felt like nothing special, doubts about relationships, in the midst of all these he still could not let go of his passion for music.
The album is made up of nine tracks without any featurings. YumDDa personally composed, wrote, arranged and produced all of them, giving the music a deeper meaning by making it even more personal and honest.
The music video for ‘그럼 YES’ and the album artwork were both shot at Kangdong-gu in Seoul where YumDDa grew up. The song’s lyrics, which are amongst others about direct conversations with friends, are well mixed with depictions of the artist YumDDa and the individual Yum Hyunsoo’s inner worlds.
For YumDDa, who is already over thirty years old but still feels like a child, this album is the destination of a very long journey and at the same time the starting point of a new one.

The iTunes link will be added when available.

All produced by YumDDa
All lyrics by YumDDa
All mixed & mastered by 숨셔 (Soomsyeo, Breathing)
Artwork by Row Digga
Photo by Boobagraphy
MV directed by Woopy

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Sources: Naver Music, Hiphop Playa