YDG X IVY - Jump Down (젊 다운) cover

YDG releases new single ‘Jump Down (젊 다운)’ feat. Ivy

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After about 1 year and 5 months, all-round talent YDG has released a new digital single titled ‘Jump Down (젊 다운)’.
After trying trendy hiphop last year in february with ‘YDG Series Vol.1 JAJAJA’, YDG is once again trying out a new genre. This time, with his ‘YDG Series Vol.2 Jump Down’, he gives a try at electronic dance music (EDM).

‘Jump Down’ refers to diving and ‘젊 다운’, which sounds very similar, means ‘youthful’. The song’s message is to not just be satisfied with the things you can have for free but to always challenge to get what you want.
Even on the fast EDM beat, you can feel YDG’s groovy rap and have fun listening to his witty lyrics. Ivy’s refreshing high vocals help you enjoy this hot summer.

YDG and Ivy’s synergy is a completely new experience. Look forward with who YDG will collaborate for his next part of the series.

Composed by KS Mark, Sumyooyoo Hyunjae, Jin-goon
Lyrics by Sumyooyoo Hyunjae, YDG
Arranged by KS Mark,Sumyooyoo Hyunjae, Jin-goon

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