What You Need To Know About Crush’s New Album ‘wonderlust EP’

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Check out the English translation of CRUSH‘s promotional material for his upcoming EP titled wonderlust.

On October 12, CRUSH released a teaser video of his upcoming title track “fall” (어떻게 지내) for his album release wonderlust which will be available on October 14 (00:00 KST).

The teaser features a sweet piano melody layered over an exotic video scenery. In addition, the minimalistic theme of “fall” showcases CRUSH’s vocals, which is creating more hype for the track.

There are three things to look forward to in CRUSH’s album wonderlust:

  1. the album illustrates the day and life of “25 years old CRUSH.”
  2. the wonderlust promotion. Between October 15 and November 3, fans in Korea are able to visit Room wonderlust, his “ideal but realistic place to inspire senses and creativity.” [essentially a gallery of his room with objects that played a role in his creative process for the album].  The room is decorated with objects privately owned by CRUSH. In addition, Amoeba Culture released an online gallery of his room, where fans can experience a virtual tour of “Room wonderlust.”
  3. following the release of wonderlust, CRUSH will begin his world tour in Seoul, and will be performing in the United States and Europe (check out the dates on the HiphopKR calendar)

Crush – Wonderlust EP – Tracklist

1) Wonderlust 2) 2411 3) Nostalgia (향수) 4) 어떻게 지내 ("How's It Going") 5) 아빠처럼 ("Like My Father")

(1) Wonderlust | (2) 2411 | (3) Nostalgia (향수) | (4) 어떻게 지내 (“How’s It Going”) | (5) 아빠처럼 (“Like My Father”)

CRUSH’s new EP wonderlust will be available online on October 14 (00:00 KST), and offline sales begins October 17.