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Wadi X Heuktan release new album ‘시비 (是非)’ and MV

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DS Connexion’s leader Wadi and newcomer Heuktan (translates to ‘Black Coal’) have released a new album today. The album title is daringly ‘시비 (是非)’ [Right or Wrong]. While the South Korean hiphop scene is crowded with artists, Wadi and Heuktan define a question about the scene: ‘시비 (是非)’ — Right or Wrong? With the will to truly build their own foundation, they made this album’s three songs.

Wadi, who has made himself known in the scene in 2005 through DS Connexion, has since then constantly released songs like ‘계란한판’ [One Carton of Eggs], ‘강남스타일’ [Gangnam Style] and more, he calls himself “a rapper sealed in the social system.” Heuktan, who has yet to release a special album or song, is a newcomer who was discovered by Wadi. He has a deep and appealing voice and his rhymes and flow are clearly different from other rappers’.

The first track, which is these two’s first step into the scene, is ‘재활’ [Rehabilitation]. Here, Wadi and Heuktan let out their thoughts as they are, throwing their hats into the ring. With the lyrics, “Since when is DS Connexion Fatdoo‘s team?” Wadi makes his existence known and Heuktan raps “I got this chance, a lot of  bullets are prepared so I aim right away, bang,” announcing his entrance into the scene.

The title track ‘시비’ [Right or Wrong] is a jab at Korean rappers who copy foreign hiphop songs exactly the same. The song is made up of dope rap and is scattered with punchlines like “Even when you work hard, it doesn’t show, like a terminal during the holidays” (here, the pun is on “it doesn’t show” which in Korean can also be understood as “there are no tickets,” referring to the overfilled bus and train terminals during the holidays in South Korea). Lines like these with expressions that can rarely be heard nowadays feel refreshing and new. Through the music video, they literally relay the message, “I am provoking you, so run away” (In Korean, to provoke literally means to see if someone’s Right or Wrong). The music video was shot and edited by Brotherhood.

The last track ‘미친놈 둘’ [Two Crazy Guys] also sends a strong message to the scene. While remembering their own pasts, Wadi and Heuktan talk about how crazy this scene’s players are and how abnormal they treat each other. In his lyrics, Wadi mentions a lot of incidents he has went through and the scene’s atmosphere he experienced, while partly using the real names of the people involved, so it is to be expected that this song will have a not-so-small impact.

Wadi said that he had prepared this album like a newcomer preparing a mixtape. He added that he wants many people to listen to the album as if a completely new rap duo has come out.


01. 재활 (再活) [Rehabilitation].
02. 시비 (是非) [Right or Wrong].
03. 미친놈 둘 [Two Crazy Guys].
04. 재활 (再活) [Rehabilitation] (Inst.)
05. 시비 (是非) [Right or Wrong] (Inst.)
06. 미친놈 둘 [Two Crazy Guys] (Inst.)



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