VINCENT LAURENT - EXIT (album cover)

VINCENT LAURENT releases ‘EXIT’ digital single

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Producer and rapper VINCENT LAURENT of FAMEUS has released his second single ‘EXIT’.

VINCENT LAURENT debuted in 2016 with the single ‘Divin‘.

The title track of this two-track single ‘EXIT‘ is about searching for an exit of the tiring, every-day life and was produced by Hassan Malik.
The second track ‘High’ is a dreamy track with abstract lyrics, befitting of the name VINCENT LAURENT. It was produced by Nomad who already produced ‘Divin’, and it features VINCENT LAURENT’s team mate Young Cony of FAMEUS.

Track List & Credits:
  1. EXIT (Underwater) (Produced by Hassan Malik) TITLE
  2. High (Feat. Young Cony) (Produced by Nomad)

Produced by Nomad, Hassan Malik
Lyrics by Vincent Laurent, Young Cony
Recorded by Vincent Laurent, Young Cony, Marvin Lage, BEON, Scarch
Mixed and mastered by Nomad, Vincent Laurent
Art Director/Artwork: Sarah
Recorded at FAMEUS studio

‘EXIT’ Official Audio:

Source: Mnet