Verbal Jint - Go Hard Part 1: 양가치 (cover)

Verbal Jint releases full-length album ‘Go Hard Part 1: 양가치’

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Read about Verbal Jint’s latest full-length album [Go Hard Part 1: 양가치] which features an impressive lineup of artists. the details are within!

After four years since the drop of his previous album, [Go Easy] (2011), Brand New Music artist Verbal Jint released his latest full-lgenth album titled [Go Hard Part.1: 양가치]. Brand New Music representative describes the album as a “soulful masterpiece.” The album totals 23 tracks with an impressive lineup of artists including Beenzino, Tae Wan, Black Nut, Taeyeon (of Girls Generation), Sanchez (of Phantom), YDG, Lil Cham, Basick, Tablo, Jerry.K and more. Check out the track-list below:

Track List

  1. Rewind
  2. 시발점 (Feat. Beenzino)
  3. 90년대로부터
  4. Brand New Day (Feat. Tae Wan)
  5. 세입자flow
  6. 보통사람 (Feat. Black Nut)
  7. 세상이 완벽했다면 (Feat. Taeyeon of Girls Generation)
  8. 아포가또 (Feat. Sanchez of Phantom)
  9. 현자타임
  10. 나대나
  11. 희귀종 (Feat. YDG)
  12. Fast Forward (빨리감기)
  13. 건물주flow
  14. Karma (Feat. Lil Cham)
  15. Fear
  16. Seoul State of Mind (Feat. Basick & Tablo)
  17. 좌절좌절열매 (Feat. Esna)
  18. 언어장벽
  19. The Grind2 (Feat. Jerry.K)
  20. My Bentley
  21. Gone

Staff Credit:

  • Executive Produced by Rhymer a.k.a Mr. BIG Daddy for Brand New Music
  • Executive Director Verbal Jint
  • Produced by Verbal Jint
  • Promotion & Artist Management Director Nam Seowoo
  • Recorded by 9999 at Brand New Music Studio, 박재현 at ARK Studio, Verbal Jint at Annie Dog Studio, Jung Jaewon at STUDIO89, IAB at IAB studio, Park Jeongju at Studio OM, Black Nut at JM Red Room, Jung Eungkyung at Grid Studio, Lee Pyungwook at Booming Sound & Sanchez at Sanchez’s Music Factory
  • Mixed by Cho Joonsung at W Sound Studio & 마스터키 at MasterPiece SoundLab
  • Mastered by Kwon Namwoo at JFS Mastering
  • Administration Director Kim Hyungwook
  • Administration & Accounting Yoon Sunghye & Kim Saemin
  • Production Co-ordinator Masterkey, Won Youngheon, Neighbour Hyung, Kiggen, ASSBRASS, Lishi, 9999, XEPY, Tae Wan & DJ Juice
  • Artist Management Kim Jonghwan, Jung Minkyu, Lee Hojin, Choi Hojoon, Kwon Yonghwan
  • Strategy Planning Jung Yuebong
  • A&R Yoo Youngjoon & Han Taehee
  • Marketing & Online Promotion Kim Youngil & Oh Junga
  • Fan Marketing Oh Junga
  • Overseas Business Lee Hwail & Takayama Narisha
  • Choreographer Lee Sanggeun
  • Photo Shin Eunkyu at Vivid Studio
  • Art Direction & Design Row Digga
  • Style Director Kim Bosung
  • Hair Rhyme Han Jooyoung, Park Hyungjung, Cho Soojin
  • Make Up Han Jooyoung, Park Hyunjung, Cho Soojin, Koo Hyunmi
  • M/V & Video Art Directed by Kim Yoosuk
  • Presented by Brand New Music & OTHERSIDE



Click here to preview and buy the album on iTunes!

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