Verbal Jint - 건물주 flow (cover)

Verbal Jint releases free track ‘건물주 flow’

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Verbal Jint has released a free track titled ‘건물주 flow’ [Building Owner Flow] via SoundCloud.

He writes:

thank you.
It’s just a rough recording on an unfinished version of the beat but I uploaded it nevertheless.

On May 4,
‘My Type 2’ (feat. Kan Minkyung & Sanchez)
will be released!

and look out for ‘GO HARD part I’
this September



Produced by Verbal Jint
Composed by Verbal Jint
Lyrics by Verbal Jint
Arranged by Verbal Jint
Recorded by 9999 at Brand New Music Studio
& Park Jaehyun (박재현) at ARK Studio
Every instrument by Verbal Jint

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Source: Verbal Jint’s SoundCloud
Translation: hiphopkr