Verbal Jint, Yang Dail - 오늘 쓱 (cover)

Verbal Jint, Kim Park Chella, and Yang Dail release single ‘오늘 쓱’

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Verbal Jint and Kim Park Chella have produced this new song which was released on April 29.

The single is said to be a present for everyone who is suffering from the yellow dust this spring. The title roughly translates to ‘Today, Just’ (the English title is ‘Read My Mind’) and the first two lines of the chorus go: “I just want you to know [my feelings] / And you keep pretending you have no clue”


Produced by Verbal Jint & Kim Park Chella
Composed by Verbal Jint & Kim Park Chella
Lyrics by Verbal Jint
Arranged by Kim Park Chella & Verbal Jint
Keyboards by Verbal Jint
Piano by Verbal Jint
Guitars by Kim Park Chella
Bass by Kim Park Chella
Strings by Verbal Jint
Drums by Kim Park Chella
Vocals by Verbal Jint & Yang Dail
Chorus by Yang Dail
Recorded by 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio
Mixed by MasterKey at MasterPiece SoundLab
Artwork by Only Built For

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Sources: Naver Music, Mnet