Verbal Jint, Chancellor - Sunshine (album cover)

Verbal Jint and Chancellor release single ‘Holyhood Present Vol. 1: Sunshine’

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In order to make music that delivers music with positive energy to the world, DJ and producer dh-style (real name: Kang Dahye) has taken up the new artist name ‘Holyhood‘ and launched the ‘Holyhood Present’ project which is kicked off by the single ‘Sunshine‘.

On a sophisticated up-tempo R&B-hiphop beat, Brand New Music’s veteran rapper Verbal Jint and R&B singer-songwriter Chancellor rap and sing this positive message: “Just like light expels darkness, someone will become the light in my life and brighten up my dark life.”

Look forward to the upcoming releases of Holyhood’s ‘Holyhood Present’ for which she will collaborate with a variety of artists.

‘Sunshine’ is available on iTunes

Produced by Holyhood
Composed by Holyhood
Lyrics by Holyhood, Verbal Jint
Arranged by Holyhood
Synthesizer, bass & drums by Holyhood
Chorus by Chancellor
Recorded by Rhythmking at No. 24 Entertainment (24호 엔터테인먼트), by Chancellor at The Chancellery
Mixed and mastered by Master Key at MasterPiece SoundLab

Executive Producer: Rhymer a.k.a Mr. BIG Daddy for BRANDNEW MUSIC
Art Direction & Design: ONLY BUILT FOR

Source: Mnet