Vasco - All 껌 (Feat. BCQ, YZ) MV screenshot

VASCO releases ‘All 껌 (feat. BCW, YZ)’ MV

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On November 16, Just Music artist and Hongdae club Secret Society owner VASCO released the music video for his latest single titled ‘All 껌 (All Black)‘ featuring Taiwanese artists BCW and YZ.

The track ‘All 껌‘ is the third track revealed (after Whoa Ha and iDozer) for VASCO’s upcoming mixtape [MAD MAX] which is expected to drop in December. The track features Taiwanese hiphop crew TGMF (The Gangster Money Fast) members BCW and YZ. Check out the music video below:

Lyrics : VASCO, BCW, YZ
Producer : Browngruv