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Urn releases jazz hiphop mixtape ‘Blue Note’

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Urn, who has released the single ‘Sweat (Prod. by Squizz)’ last month, has now released a mixtape titled ‘Blue Note’. Read on to listen and download!

He has made the mixtape and given it its title so it can represent jazz and also contain the flavor of youth. VMC(Vismajor)’s Deepflow was in charge of directing and helped with the intro.

01. Deepblue (intro Deepflow) / beat: Dj Mitsu the Beats – mood for otis
02. Wi-Fli / beat: Kev Brown – Allure
03. 밤이면밤마다 [Every Night] / beat: Funky DL – like this
04. luv wit out luv / beat: Funky DL – I love…
05. 세미프로 [Semi-Pro] (feat. letsgohirit) / beat: SoulChef – dance
06. 놀아야 돼 [Gotta Play] / beat: Funky DL – effortless
07. searching time / beat: Pete Rock & C.L.Smooth – searching
08. 블루블랙 [Blue Black] (with Delight Planet) / beat: Dj Mitsu the Beats – Beats of Luv
09. Testiny / beat: Jazz liberatorz – Indonesia
10. kiss the sky / beat: Shin-Ski – kiss the sky


Featurings by Deepflow, letsgohirit, Huski, puff j
Mixed by Urn
Mastered by dakshood of Krosshartz
Artwork by Taeim
Directed by Deepflow of VMC





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